Monday, October 15, 2012

My mind ..

In my mind I'm still a little girl 
But to world and family I'm a successful woman 
A great woman of substance
A woman too relevant to be ignored 
I have been called the salt of the earth
And have been seen as the light of the world 
My success way beyond any set ambition 
My impact beyond human imagination 
Ambitions I once had, visions I had for my life once dreams 
Now, living reality to the advantage of the world that surrounds me 
They see me as an eagle 
Well focused and great, impacted nations 
Missions achieved to the glory of God
But all this is no surprise 
A wise one once told me that nothing is impossible 
The word itself says I'm possible 
Took this into account as people tried to get to me negatively
And lived by this philosophy ever since 

" I can have what I want, be what I want as long as I fulfill my purpose "
They call me chosen generation 
A royal priesthood, I always knew 
But I look back to see that ... 
I frowned, when I should have smiled 
I questioned, when I should have agreed 
I listened, when I should have spoken  

                                                                                              Copyright © 2012 PebblesWroteIt


Peace & Love !