Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Always A New Beginning

This post is inspired by the thought of being in the company of somebody who has a terminal illness and you are an expectant mother spending time with this person. So, it was a case of thinking about how this situation could depress a person. The depression being placed in the actual thought that, the expectant mother talks about her new beginning with this growing fetus safely incubating inside with no care for this world's problems while a terminal illness contrasts this with its own limitations. The expectant mother encourages the terminally ill, "yes this is a new beginning for me but I want you to understand that in the midst of current limitations, what's ahead of you or even in your journey is beyond today. It holds new beginnings for you too". 

You are always experiencing a new beginning, there is always a new beginning in your life. That new beginning is each new minute that you witness, it's each new hour that you survive to see. It's each new day that you get to see, it's each new week that you have the privilege to start and finish. So whether you feel like your time is coming to an end soon what you need to do, is make sure you are somebody else's new beginning. Reach out to somebody let that be the new beginning of a relationship, the new beginning of a conversation. Whether that conversation between you and person B only takes place once in a lifetime - it still has value, that was a new beginning and a new chance that they were able to take in conversation with you. They knew of your existence through that, they were able to express that through talking with you, through relating with you, with spending time in your presence and you spending time in theirs.

As much as you are a new beginning for a person, that person is also a new beginning for you.. a new beginning for talking current affairs, a new beginning of sharing poetry, a new beginning of expressing such passion in something you share like you've never seen in your life before. 

Always A New Beginning for you should mean that no matter what, no matter what has come before you, you decide and I repeat you decide what comes after those moments. You decide what the end looks like - I'm not going to go out like a punk, I'm not going out easy and I'm not going down easy. You ever seen a lion get in a fight with something like a buffalo and be like "this thing is like two times my weight, man I better back up" No! that lion is going for that buffalo's neck, he does not give a damn if that animal is two times his weight or if he can handle it or not. The lion is hungry, it will and must feed its hunger. You are that lion, in life you have to feed your hunger of wanting to live, of wanting to see more moments. You have to feed your hunger of wanting to learn new things, wanting to meet new people, wanting to learn new lessons. Your hunger will bring you to the knowledge of new opportunities, you will hunger within these new opportunities and each day will bring a new hunger. Allow that to drive you, the hunger for your new days, your new minutes, your hours, your new weeks, your new months and your future years.

Instead of putting together new year's resolutions which you might just write for the sake of "Oh it's a new year I got to see" maybe make a vision board just 5 images and each of them should represent a new beginning you want. I don't know, it might be your new beginning on what it feels like to grow and what type of content you put out for 500 followers compared to the 50 you had before. That new beginning might be taking the chance to pick up a class in something that interests you but you probably wouldn't necessarily do as your main job. It might be art, photography, baking or being an instructor of something you love. Your new goal may be to understand the art of photography, understand why folks love photography so much and what would make you love photography more. Now that photography could make you some money if you get into the company of the right kind of people, not only will you gain a new skill but you might create a new avenue of revenue for yourself. 

Amongst the five things you could add to that vision board is something that builds the community around you, it could be 'I'm going to try calling at least one friend a week just to ask them how they are doing' and 'make sure at least four times a year I'm in contact with everybody I claim that I love and I care for'.  With time you create a new beginning for yourself that looks beyond me, me, me! Your life shows that 'no matter what comes tomorrow I'm ready to still somehow do for myself and do for others' and, when I am not in the position to do so hopefully I would have inspired others to reach out to people in their communities.

Coming back to the inspiration for this post...
So despite the new life brewing within a mother when you see what seems like a dead situation, always remember that there is always a new beginning. Always. There will always be a new beginning for you and you don't have to sweat that, you don't need anybody to come and poison your field. If you see that new beginning, if you hunger for that next moment you will see it. Like I said in my piece "Realz" you only die when you allow yourself to let yourself go. 

Think about it, if the mother decides to never let herself go in a health sense, she ensures that she eats well, she hydrates herself, she attends her appointments and she raises her concerns. Then she can never really jeopardize the life of her unborn child. In the instance that she decides the pain is too much, or she reaches a point of severe fatigue and wants no part in carrying on, letting go of that child may go through a process that puts her life at risk. A mother who pulls through deciding that she wants to see the fruits of her labor will be able to enjoy the reality of a baby in her arms, the new beginning of a journey in motherhood. How much labor will we go through in life unsure of what the fruits look like? but let our encouragement be that each time we could have stopped, we started something new.

No matter what it is you face in life you will always see that new beginning - just hunger for it. In your birthing season and 
the times of facing a seemingly dead situation.  Just hunger for it ! 

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