Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Stirring Trials Like Bingo.

Why do great people always go through so much, why have they had it hard when they narrate or share their stories?

There is no testimony without a test, if you have not been faced with overcoming trials and mountains how can you call yourself an overcomer. If you haven't gone through a fight how can you claim fighter status. If there was no battle for you to win how can you claim winner in the field of life.

Once you've asked God to use you or stated your dreams to him and how you want to achieve them according to your given purpose. He hears your request and grants access to a journey used to refine you and prepare you for that place in the seasons of your journey with Him through life. It's as if He starts stirring up the storm, I liken it to Bingo. He keeps turning that handle until a bingo ball is chosen, you use your bingo marker to highlight all the numbers that come which are on your board. All five numbers that he chooses are on your bingo board so it's time for the test and the trials.

This is the point where you decide to fight or flee, sit in doubt or lift your behind and do what is necessary to claim your prize. Overcome the inner battle and push forth with your decisions, no turning back.

If you don't want to identify and stir up the gifts within yourself. If you don't want to achieve in life there are no problems for you to face, don't worry ain't nobody checkin for you BUT 🎶 if you wanna be somebody and you want to go somewhere you got to wake up and pay attention 🎶. Let God stir up those trials like bingo so you can overcome and win the prize, allow yourself to cast doubts and do what is necessary to fight your fights and win your battles. Overcome the test to get to your testimony, cut off anything that doesn't allow you to equip yourself and move forth in learning your newest tool. You will be fine, your guardian is never caught unaware.

In these seasons, in these trials hold off on man's strength and hold onto God's strength. Focus not on the problem, but He that is able to solve the problem. Be reminded that those who stay at home, have a zero chance of winning the bingo game. Those who are observers during bingo night with no board have a zero chance of winning, those who had boards, joined in and listened out for the numbers have a chance. Which one are you? 

You have to participate to get help, you have to be willing to find the will needed to face the trials and navigate its assault course like a bingo game. Waiting, expectant, ready, actively doing something. Dear readers, friends, overcomers I leave you on this note. You will stir trials like bingo and the prize is yours to win, participate in actively doing something.

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