Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Update : The Dirty Ore

Growth in conversation comes in the steps taken to feed yourself differently, not better. Better feeding doesn't always make us feel better. Giving up what you 'needed' only to find that it wasn't needed, but it was what you got so used to consuming, to having, to keeping so it turned into habit. These habits brought you hindrance where good habit would have profited you much, but it's no complete fault of your own except now that you know what you should be feeding yourself. It's time to switch up that diet. For the next steps that should be taken, understand that it is a constant journey to grasp the lesson and pick up the gems that give access to the next level. All the lessons needed in life are not learnt in one day, you have got to keep on moving and remember your worth while you're at it. 

Remember that you have everything that is needed to bring you to your best self, the journey is for connecting, for listening, for learning and all these things will complete the picture at each stage of your life. This picture is complete when you bring what you have within and use what the world has available for you to access. 

Pictures are not created for only the eyes of one individual, they are created so that many more can see and appreciate them too. You are the reality of something that your world does not realize that it needs to see and often it will not appreciate you at first glance. Many of the first glances taken at us, only reveal a dirty ore and if it is concluded that this is our final form, then many miss out on what is found at the depths of our purpose. It is fine for people to only see the dirty ore, but they shouldn't expect you to remain that way. In essence, what has always been inside of you will manifest itself and must manifest itself so a balance can be maintained within. There will be times when you attempt to suppress and hide this, you will do so because of the feeling of being inadequate by somehow being too much to take in. To this dear friend and reader, I say good luck! 

Why you got to good luck a friend like that?  Well, the manifestation of things packaged ready for delivery through your gifts and purpose do not even have an ounce of dull property within them. Step out from the shadows, if you are afraid, if you are scared of people's reactions, if you fear that you will lose some friends, family, support. Whatever your fears are I advice that you find a solution that serves both parties well, let me explain. These fears are based on you pressing a switch, to a light, that others are not ready to see. So my advice is.. go to a fairly priced store buy some shades, hand them out to everybody you're concerned about and switch that light ON! 

Enough is about to be enough. You have spent enough time hiding your gifts, enough times sticking to what you 'needed', enough times eating 'better', enough times in toxic conversation that broke you down instead of building you, enough times erasing your pictures. Stop compromising you. Manifest your version of passion, strength, patience, zeal and change. Get your rule-books ready, the one that notes all it took to become you, the one that reminds you that you were always meant to be here. That rule-book is going to help somebody else through life, are you ready to share and feed yourself differently?

    Enjoy the rest of May and have some expectations for June ! 

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