Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017 Reads : Pebble$

Books That I Read

1. The Art Of Thinking Clearly : Rolf Dobelli

2. Follow Your Dream : Matthew Ashimolowo

3. Scarlet And Black : Stendhal

4. Called To Make A Difference : Tony Peters

5. Goth Girl and The Pirate Queen : Chris Riddell

6. Finding Your Purpose In Life : Mike Murdock

7. What They Didn't Teach Me In Sunday School : Rob Parsons

8. I Am A Woman I Am Not Dumb : Matthew Ashimolowo 

9. Making Your Own Days - The Pleasures Of Reading & Writing Poetry : Kenneth Koch

10. A Place To Call Home : Carole Matthews

11. Brief Lives : W. F. Deedes

12. 100% Life Improvement : Matthew Ashimolowo

13. Screw Business As Usual : Richard Branson 

14. Live A Better Life : Matthew Ashimolowo

15. The Value Of The Dot : Mensa Otabil

16. Training For Reigning : Dr. Bill Winston

17. The Abundance : Annie Dillard

18. The New Penguin Book Of English Verse : Edited by Paul Keegan

19. 18 Words : J. I. Packer

20. Never Let Me Go : Kazuo Ishiguro

Get Your Life Together  & Start Adulting Books 
Each touched on aspects on finance, planning, persistence and not allowing one shortcoming that we have to disrupt the complete picture of where our lives are and where they can be. They were a constant reminder to look beyond the start we have been given and to allow the story placed in our hands to be continued. These book were Follow Your Dreams, Called To Make A Difference, Finding Your Purpose In Life, 100% Life Improvement, Live A Better Life  and Screw Business As Usual.

These Books Used The Simplest Examples
Within the bible or life that make, dealing with larger problems seem so simple. Many of the things we were taught as kids, if we take the time to remember them and set matured eyes to them, we see that those lessons go deeper. If we heed the advice we can step back from life to become proactive rather than reactive in our decisions. It's a constant challenge, to challenge why you think the way that you think. These reads included The Art Of Thinking Clearly, What They Didn't Teach Me In Sunday School, The Value Of The Dot, Training For Reigning  and 18 Words.

Before  A Blogger,  I  Am Writer  &  Poet
So these reads were food for me mentally and creatively. I was greatly inspired and reminded of the beauty within what I do and why I do it. These reads were Goth Girl and The Pirate Queen, Making Your Own Days - The Pleasures Of Reading & Writing Poetry, The Abundance  and The New Penguin Book Of English Verse.

Over To The Books..
That had me cross stitching and weaving through their pages thinking about each event, although questionable at moments, these books each share something in common and that is an END. No I don't mean that last page when you close the book, but rather the end to an individual story. These were A Place To Call Home,  Brief Lives  and  Never Let Me Go

This Book Stands Alone
It is very niche, very necessary, very exclusive, very much not available to buy any longer so I can only tell you how good it is but I cannot give you a link to buy it. This one is for my ladies growing into women, for the women who have just embarked on their journeys into womanhood and in some instances women who are growing into the women they have been created to be. If you are ready to be realize that you have been the dumb woman sometimes this one is for you, I present to you I  Am A Woman I Am Not Dumb.

I don't need to write much for the last book, which was a fail. The characters irked me, the betrayal and snake tendencies irked me, this is not the type of book I read. Stendhal you are a great writer but this AIN'T for me, last book Scarlet And Black. Really hope this is the last time I leave a review like this one. 

Happy Holidays, See You In 2018 !

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Do You Need A Mentor, Therapist Or A Coach ?

This quarter's guest blog post comes from The Freda Lee, who speaks on  LIFE MATTERS & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Since we've hit the last quarter of 2017. First of all well done on all hurdles overcome by you, in order to get to this point. As we look to the end of one year and the expectation of a greater year ahead - watch out for the people, resources, wells of expertise that you can add to your life. With this post I hope that you get one step closer to identifying who you need to seek out in 2018 so you can get to your next level.

Getting your shit together is totally IN these days.

But where do you start when you're trying to 'develop' and 'better' yourself? Self-help books are an excellent way to get 
started but it's best to have a sounding board when you're working on yourself.

So this brings me to, who's your best bet for your personal growth?  A mentor, therapist or a life coach? 

Deciding who you need 

A Mentor
Having a mentor can have a good lasting impact on your career, and also be life-changing. 

Mentoring is a long-term relationship, where the mentor focuses on supporting their mentee with growth and 
development. Whilst the mentor is a source of wisdom, they are not there to instruct, or tell you how to do things.

A mentor is basically your personal cheerleader.

Mentors are beneficial because they challenge you to think differently and open your eyes to see different perspectives. 
You should consider finding a mentor if things are feeling "off" at work, as they can help you to realise your full potential.

So how do you go about finding a mentor ?
Finding a mentor isn't so clear-cut, compared to...

Courtesy of Ⓒ 2017 THE FREDA LEE