Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dear Pebble$ : 002

January 24, 2017 

Dear Pebble$,

Going forward into 2017 there are some things I would like you to consider and improve on. There is a greatness in you that may be concealed rather than shared with some and I know that there are some mistakes that you have been able to highlight. If they were bold enough to be noticed by a highlighter then girl you need to change it or improve it.

  • Learning to listen carefully.
  • Speak louder.
  • Read questions properly, because you have too much intellect to miss out on what you want to say
  • Stop holding back and doubting before it even happens.
  • Get out of your comfort zone; reason why I say this is because, many times I have got out of it and then sometimes I just revert back to my old homebody ways. Not so much, not doing the unexpected but going back into my comfort. I go out and come back into it, I'm on this train of I guess what you can use to define many of us in life - extroverted introverts. You have that extroverted energy in you but sometimes you got to be introverted or some situations cause you to seem introverted or awaken the introvert in you.
  • Remember to PUSH as you grow closer to God
  • Stop saying you'll do things. keep silent and just do it but do inform where necessary e.g. in matters relating your book. 
  • There's an eagle hiding inside of you, she doesn't fly.. she soars, she doesn't do the ordinary.. her steps are ordered.
  • Relearn how to speak to people, you're going to meet new people this year and connect with people you've known on a different level so activate the intellectual artist with a hilarious personality. 
  • Make space for growth. Growth, Growth, Growth in everything.
  • All your needs are met, your drive is set so don't let finances hinder anything. Be smart though 😁 😁 
  • Be at peace. How many times have you been witness to calm when you should have felt the storm.. too many times to count !
  • Preparation shows that something is in the oven, hopefully you will not forget that. 
  • Don't dwell on the 'Before' photos of life, perceive the 'After' photos of achievements.
  • Doubt and fear are two besties that you do not want to entertain, remember that UPS package you sent to 2016 at 23:59 on Dec 31, 2016. They were in that box let them stay there !

These are the thoughts that I will keep in mind and all of my changes for the new year. I hope you have been welcomed into 2017 nicely, I challenge you to pick on things you need to improve and let's achieve greater things together. 

Much Love, 

The Chica You Best Believe That!

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