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Pebble$ [Blogger] Love Apparatus

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The original concept for this interview should be credited to Jesse Boykins III . The interviews he had with various ladies   intrigued me, so I decided to try putting myself in the position to ask myself the questions he asked, I hope you enjoy reading my responses.   If you feel like laughing you can watch the responses on my YouTube Channel.

Feel free to leave comments below, about points where you think you might have answered differently.

1: What Do You Love About Being A Woman?

I love the natural disruption you cause when you walk into a place, even if it’s for the slightest moment or a sustained stare. It positions you on top of a hierarchy almost instantly in the way that a man might not have, if 
he were to enter that environment instead of you. 

There is an element of being strong yet vulnerable at the same time in being a woman, I would not yet classify myself as a woman but rather as a lady in the sense that a lady still finds herself through understanding and coming to terms with the limits of her strength and the extent of her vulnerability. You grow closer to being secure about your insecurity through vulnerability in a way that makes a man understand you are no toy and equally as human if not more. 

The woman is distinguished from a girl by a simple line of RESPECT. Respect enough to know when and when not to in anything, enough to not play with emotions. A woman has a respect for self enough to step away from situations & decisions with unnecessary escalations. 

2: Long-Term Lust or Short-Term Love? Why?

Short-Term Love. Lust is momentary it works in intervals, it is what it is because you want it time and time again, it only comes in one capsule per pack if you want to gain satisfaction you’ll have to become an addict, a slave to it. Love on the other hand when genuine sustains you till the end of time, no refills needed and it doesn’t enslave it carries you along. Love gives as it is received whilst Lust works on a one way system it only takes from you consuming energy that could have easily been spent on working with Love.

Lust has never gotten man anywhere but in the position of wanting, while Love has made man ready to give as well as receive. Why would I want to be placed behind a smoke screen my whole life lusting after a man if the only thing I’ll be thinking about is the things I could do to him, Lust won’t get my bills paid, food on my table or guarantee my future. 

3: Do You Remember The First Time You Felt The Emotion Lust?

Yeah, when I was in high school. When I think about it now I think it was disguised as a crush/obsession I had for Omarion when 
he was part of B2K and when he starred in ‘You Got Served’.

4: Beauty or Danger? Explain.

Beauty. Beauty can be found in everything if only you open your mind, heart, ears and perspective on life and your world. Beauty never lies at the surface because if it did most of the scars of life would have bruised and erased that beauty away. Beauty has the ability to handle danger it turns the ugly of fear within danger, and stands firm when danger asks it to run. The beauty of danger is one which is around for a limited period of time till those who once feared it overcome the fear of facing it.  

5: Chaos or Structure? Why?

Structure. Chaos is not my friend, me and chaos don’t understand each other and don’t want to understand each other. I’d like to refer to the moments of chaos within my structure as “flexibility”. Flexibility is the time used to relax and break the norm, break the cycle of usual activity. It is the time used to bring me back to balance. Structure gives control in a way that chaos cannot, although 
in the moment of chaos it is the one in control while structure is helpless BUT structure brings us out of chaos no matter how gradual or slow that process is.  Structure has given me the confidence to plan, to dream, to achieve, to write and to say some of 
my best compositions as a lady, writer, poet, sister, friend and daughter.

6: Balance or Climax? Why?

I can’t choose. Only because you know you like the climax of a good day or great week, you like the feeling of achievements of things gone right. But you can’t deny the good of balance which prepares you for weighing the sides of your highs and lows; it 
allows you to be your true self. With that said I feel climax comes within the beauty of balance which permits you to enjoy the high 
of that moment in time, but teaches you to not stay in that moment because you can still do better, it grounds and earths where climax may disillusion. 

7: Do You Have A Paper Perfect? (*things you look for in a man)

Is there any lady that doesn’t? Well he better be rich, drive a Bentley Continental GT, own a big house and spend every second 
of his time with me. I’m done!! Did you think I was serious LOL!! Your homegirl Pebble$ ain’t like that, the real on what I need in my paper perfect is ..

I need a man that knows how to laugh and joke with me, he needs to feel fulfilled in what he does I don’t care what it is; he should do what he loves and love what he does (if he’s not happy with his situation, there’s a likelihood I might feel it too when he comes home in his behavior and attitudes & ain’t nobody got time for that). He should love me as he loves himself, motivated, purpose-driven, far-sighted (someone who looks to the future in things to achieve, taking himself from now to then, I couldn’t think of the word I was looking for). He has to have goals, dreams, visions, aspirations, know his destination (there is no way I’m following a 
man whose train has no destination).

I need a man who will not be intimidated by my accomplishments as a woman, a man who will support my dreams as I act as his backbone through accomplishing his. A man who will pray with me, respect me, care for me, love me for me, appreciate my 
fabulous and my #laybackchillathomeinaonepiece, as I do all the same for him.  You get all of that?!

8: When You Hear “Love Apparatus” What First Comes To Mind?

Instruments or some kind of tool in making love happen. I think of the use of the deeper things of human nature to bring forth 
the beauty of love, the things that must be leveled if two people want love to work. The tools needed in love – patience, understanding, common ground, mutual agreement, identifying and grasping perfect imperfections, finding another whole to 
make a greater masterpiece. It is the tool used in the expression of one’s self to the world, to those they love and to those yet 
to find love.

It’s like wood and sandpaper, the wood has already been cut to shape but the sandpaper needs to be used to perfect & smooth those sharper edges or carvings to bring the wood to the standard it should be at. The wood is the love (or the people) and the sandpaper is the apparatus (the things or people that bring the missing element) needed to bring that love through and allow it 
to grow.

9: Do You Like Smiling? Why?

Pass me a nice book or notepad and a pen, let me be in my zone and I'll give you the best smile I have. I feel like you have to free yourself from your thoughts to genuinely smile, even if it's just for a moment. To like smiling does that mean you liked frowning previously, I'm just saying but hey seriously though, laughter is more evident in my life than smiling. 

Every time I smile I'm accused of my smile flirting so I laugh instead. I like laughing, it is free meds for the stresses you store up inside both knowingly and unknowingly. Laughter is my therapy, I can't cry and break into a smile instead I cry and laugh it out or laugh at myself.


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