Tuesday, October 18, 2016

She's On SoundCloud?? Yup!

If you didn't know, now you know! There are many ways to relate with me, connect with me and receive my message you just need to find the medium that you like most.

I use SoundCloud for my Spoken Word/Poetry often tagged as #ThatWritten most bitten, which literally means a truth or story that you can ruminate on through thoughts. My work often contains matters of the mind because that is the biggest battlefield that man has, forget nuclear wars and conflict around the globe.. the mind is being competed for by so many things in this life. SoundCloud takes the pressure off of having to create with a face to face product of creativity, and by that I mean the type of content I make for YouTube. My initial thoughts when I joined SoundCloud was to have a jazzy/soulful feel to my Spoken Word/Poetry but that was not maintained at intervals where I got the inspiration to try other kinds of music.

This also wasn't possible because I have a diverse poetic mind AND when I try to box myself, I naturally just end up outside of that box. I started on July 2, 2013 with my introducing track on what I hoped to bring and the short story behind my name. Soon after I was exploring other artists, songwriters, beatmakers and rappers who had something distinct about them. SoundCloud gave me the privilege of knowing some of these folks before anyone else was able to generate hype about their "new" discoveries. I've had the opportunity to flip some of their content and share it with the world. I know that 2016 is not over yet, but you can look forward to some important updates relating to my upcoming book being shared there in 2017! So watch out for that.

I want to publish a book, it will be a collective  of my work from the start of my journey at 8 years old til Summer 2015. Hold me to it ! 

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