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Why I Advice Every Adult ..

Why I Advice Every Adult To Watch Pixar's "Inside Out"

Alright, before I get into my poetic interpretation and probably state what you may or may not be expecting. I want to first of all respect your intelligence with regards to what you may have read by top critics about the movie in all it's entirety. 

This movie is targeted at families but more at the kids in the family who will enjoy this movie on what I would like to call a 'superficial level', teenagers might give it a chance if their inner child is still alive, and adults may or may not be able to assimilate the deeper levels of the movie because of excited kids or it's just another trip to the movies to treat the kids. But in the case that you are a parent that tries to understand the movies that your kids watch and why they may love it, you may be able to delve into aspects of this movie that can offer a lesson to young and old alike.

I advice that adults and parents watch this movie and watch it by yourself so you can really break it down and understand it for yourself.  

Now what did I take from it, what did Pebble$ take from Inside Out. I watched this movie for the first time 3 weeks ago and I was cracking up, there were some points where the emotions were absolutely hilarious and I know I communicate with myself like that sometimes, especially when I'm thinking out loud and someone catches me. Then you get to that point where they ask who you were talking to and you can't say yourself because some folks just DON'T understand. 

Second Phase, Main Focus ...
Joy should be in the driving seat of emotions a majority of the time, I feel it is able to balance out the rest of our emotions which gives us the right to be sad, angry, digusted/envious and fearful; but those shouldn't rule the steps we take. We must be able to step back and access a situation before going forth with a decision otherwise we end up looking foolish. Talking about foolishness, this movie helped me to understand the phrase "anger rests in the bosom of a fool" which was perfectly displayed by anger in the moments Riley closes her laptop on her friend and in the exchanges between Riley and her father at the dinner table. The driver's seat being occupied by anger in Riley's actions and her father's response shows us how anger can hinder common sense and us taking time to think through our decisions. Next time you want to let out all kinds of steam and fire from your ears and out the top of your head, remember to be slow to anger so you don't end up looking fooolish (and no my spelling of foolish here is not a typo :D).

Next is Digust.
Digust doubles up as envy as well, and at some points made decisions based on not wanting to try options presented, so kind of worked side by side with fear.. she also displayed pride which shows us that when pride, gets in the way of our actions we don't take that step or talk to those people who can actually help us or push us to do better. Digust when displaying pride or envy, acted on behalf of fear - pride is just confident fear displayed with the hope of covering for shortcomings an individual may not even have. Digust allowed Riley to think of all the ways that other people's opinions and expectations might work against what she actually wanted to do instead of realizing the amazing memories and experiences where people have just loved her for being herself.

Fear, everybody knows about fear it needs no introduction or explanation. My first blog post of 2016 talked about it and we face it daily, monthly, throughout the year - whether its a new decision, a new environment or just having to face ourselves. Riley was scared to move into that new house, that new school and that new class when she was asked to introduce herself. There are some fears that help you to fight to achieve or overcome something but there's also that crippling type of fear which helps you to do nothing. The kind that says "Well, I'm not moving so I won't have to go into the midst of all those new people, what if they don't like me, what if they judge me. What if I don't do well there then it would have been a big mistake." Alright scaredy-cat when you're done doing ballroom with all your fears and assumptions let me know when we can do business and move on.. the point I'm making with Fear is you either decide to overcome it by yourself or look for others who will encourage you through it, ain't nothing wrong with a little fear until you allow it to hold you in the same spot to the point where you've wasted years and precious time. 

I'm a big kid at heart so you can only imagine that I'm looking forward to seeing Zootopia ! Click away from this post knowing that, from every decision you consciously make to those things you do everyday without noticing - these emotions may in one way or another shape the results you see. Seek to balance things out, don't live systematically.. SWITCH it up ! Kids can teach you so much and life can bring you to the point where you understand the once misunderstood. Those people you avoid might just be the best people for that stage in your journey and those options might teach or equip you with something so immeasurable.   

Have A Great Week Ahead & Enjoy Easter !

Last note, check-in with me March 31, 2016 for the First Check-in on my book the details can be found on my Google+ page.

I want to publish a book, it will be a collective  of my work from the start of my journey at 8 years old til Summer 2015. Hold me to it ! 

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