Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Chew On A Lima Bean Some Time ?!

Hey World,

Welcome to 2016. My name is Pebble$ but today I want to awaken and embrace my inner Camilla Cream.

I want to make it a habit to listen to kids stories throughout 2016, I need to nurture my inner child and creativity.

I want to thank Camilla Cream for teaching me that in my 2016, I should continue not to care whether people like what I like, THAT AIN'T NONE OF MY BUSINESS ! If you're looking to help build me you are more than welcome to come into my space as for all that other pettiness take a ticket, park your mouth and take several seats. You have an opinion, yes it is very much respected but don't dump truck negativity into my pool of kindness.

Through life we compromise ourselves at one interval or another whether by going forward with that action or for a second thinking it through in our minds. Unlike Camilla Cream, we are lucky enough not to be punished by the presence of stripes BUT the absence of those stripes have kept us in unhappiness trying to please others when our first happy customer of any opinion should be ourselves. Take the step outside of your sadness and make yourself happy by going through with a decision that your heart and mind follow, NOT anybody else's but YOURS. 

Camilla Cream also shows us what we do to ourselves every time we decide to suppress the desire for what we really want and place the wants of others in higher priority - through the scene in class when they were saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Do you notice that every time somebody said what they wanted to see it appeared on Camilla's skin NOT their own skin ? She wanted to please others with her outfit so much that when it came to really pleasing them through the polka-dots, checkerboard and breaking out in stars that appeared on her skin she realized how humiliating it was and, how no joy can be derived from such requests.

Looking at this instance, it's funny how what others do causes you the problems and even though you're trying to satisfy them you have to deal with the problem. STOP! being somebody's experimental model with negativity being spoken into your cloud with words that can break you to a point where you're not sure if repair is even possible.

You must realize that people cannot simply request of you to be any other way than being yourself and expect you to still be the same person, it's impossible! You also cannot expect to please others and think that you will be happy with such decisions. Every pattern that Camilla broke out in represents every form of silenced rebellion your true self makes when you decide that your life is meant to be lived for somebody else or some other people. When you silence these parts of your true self, you constantly kill off a little bit of yourself and a part of you goes into hibernation. Be careful :

When you get to that point in life where you constantly find yourself living to please others, start to worry and hope that you get the opportunity to ask for those Lima beans AND to be asked the question of: "Is there anything I can get you, sweetheart?"

Whether you're a kid or a teenager or an adult, Camilla Cream takes one for the team so you don't have to make such mistakes. 

For teenagers the lima beans of your life might be your hair, your style, your values, your likes, your dislikes - which may be affected by your peers who don't agree with your choices but whoever made them, the decision-makers of your life needs to be put in check. Most likely the person who gave them that authority is you, it doesn't matter if you've already given them that position, take it back ! Take back the controls from their hands and hold onto those things in your youth while you can - there's a possibility you will see changes in your self-esteem (positive of course) once you do what brings you joy and makes you feel more like yourself. 

For the adults out there your lima beans face you more every single day. You have values, morals, work ethics, drive, visions, ways of life and many more things which you cannot allow another individual to suppress. You have come too far in this life from your days as a kid and your high school days as a teenager, for you to allow another simple being dictate the script on how you run YOUR business. Don't compromise who you are to gain people's favor because you will lose those people once you get tired of the compromise - 
you build on compromise, you'll be broken and destroyed on compromise !

In any situation in life you need to have some good people, the good counsel that surrounds you - you should only have a few in this circle who will bring you back to yourself when you lose your main focus and tell you the truth. Don't limit yourself from reaching a greater height just because your wants and desires don't fit in with the lower standards of the world.

To end this post today here's a little something I want you to remember:

" Just for your information there is no psychologist, therapist, yoga instructor, doctor, lawyer, teacher etc. etc. in this life that can solve the problems for which you already have the solutions for. None of those folks can fix what you need to fix for yourself, none of them and I mean none of them have lived life as YOU so therefore cannot identify what sits at the core of your compass for living. Whatever is the equivalent of lima beans in your life will more times than ever be the solution to your problem - identify, value and embrace your lima bean of life ! "

Everybody needs to chew on some Lima Beans some time and swallow that bitter truth. A word of encouragement never hurt nobody !

This post was inspired by "A Bad Case Of Stripes" By David Shannon .

I want to publish a book, it will be a collective  of my work from the start of my journey at 8 years old til Summer 2015. Hold me to it ! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Risk It & Be Renewed

I think today is a good day for us to talk about RISKS

I have learnt the vital approach of independence in taking risks. I take a simple example which I have learnt from, which is Noah. Noah took risks at intervals through his journey, Noah did things that people wouldn't do, he didn't listen to the critics when they 
were telling him not to build the boat. He didn't listen to people who were wondering how he would be on an ark with all those animals, animals probably considered to be wild and dangerous. There could have been some scorpions, some pythons, cobras, 
some elephants, lions it must have been a whole lot of different animals that he had on that ark; and he had to take those risks because he had been given an instruction. 

Sometimes in life it may not necessarily be an instruction but maybe a dream, vision or a plan you have in life for a day or for a week or session. Don't let the critics or people who don't believe in that dream, or don't know about that dream affect the way that YOU 
perceive it, the way that YOU want to plan those things out. Many a time, there are people who don't want to believe in our 
dreams because it's beyond the scope of what they could dream for themselves so to them IT IS a threat. It may even be people who don't understand our drive and why we strive for things .. but you know WHAT?! it's not really your job to always have to educate them. Sometimes that takes a lot of energy, energy you should not have to waste, so you just have to give it what you got and 
all that you can give is what you have. I think taking a risk is being able to bounce back from so many challenges and times when people said things were impossible to stand back and just be able to say "You know what there's no harm in trying", if you 
don't try then you'll probably never know that you can be amazing at that thing or change the perception about it.

I want to encourage you all today, don't let anybody use where you used to be to determine where you're going or where you 
can be. Don't let people define your current situation by things you've been through or things that you have done that were not 
so sensible or whatever. Take that risk today, sometimes it is best for you to break out of a norm, sometimes an athlete finds himself 
in a difficult position where he feels 'I run this race this way but it's not going the way I intended'. You just have to take the risk to 
run the race differently, you have to think of all the techniques you've learned and select a different one & that might be the 
one that allows you to see that greater thing at the end - where you're going in essence.

For most of us we're holding back too much and feel like, let me just have my voice in my little community .. nah let me not stress myself and go into a bigger community because they might not accept me, they might not listen, they won't comfort me like 
my little community. That's really wrong .. that's us human beings not wanting to take the risk. I as Pebble$ have to challenge 
myself to do this, if I'm not already becoming confident in doing things differently, and something that confirmed that for me 
was listening to Jade of LipsticknCurls. She was talking about how she always doesn't do things the way that people do it, 
she doesn't do all these tags and other videos you might see others do. 

Also listening to some young folks recently, with them discussing about failure I was really touched because I've had some failures 
in my life and I would not be here today if I didn't decide to bounce back from them. I've had times when I failed myself, at the 
age of 6 when I told myself I couldn't get a college degree but I'm on my way to achieving some of the greatest qualifications in 
my life. Then to think that I have the audacity to dream in the midst of all I've been through is amazing. Those times have been
filled with some of the most daunting risks that I have had to take but guess who didn't allow anybody's thoughts stop those 
steps from being taken, ME.

Always let the ME which is YOU, as an individual take the boldest steps.

Be confident to take those risks. Failure might have bitten your behind once, but don't let it hit you like it released venom and paralyzed you. Failure might have succeeded in knocking you down but it will not succeed in knocking you out, dust yourself off! 
Don't let the world measure you by how many times you got knocked down but rather by the times you stood up and said 'I will 
try again!' You may not necessarily try that thing again but something that's going to help you to move forward in trying again.

This Is What I Need You To Do. 

1. Be willing to take some risks
2. Break out of the norm
3. Don't do things on common ground
4. If it's suffocating you or stopping you from being where you're supposed to be, risk it and leave that thing!

I want to publish a book, it will be a collective of my work from the start of my journey at 8 years old til Summer 2015. Hold me to it !

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