Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ms Allen .. I Got You x

This post goes out to my high school mom, she advised and encouraged me on how to be a woman when all I knew best to do was 
be a girl. She has been a great mentor in my life, supported me, encouraged me and she has brought so much laughter.

She is not feeling too good and I want you to keep her in your prayers. This woman is so dear to my heart she has taken me like 
a daughter under her beautiful wings of experience and maturity. I feel even more driven at times when I remember 
people such as her and it drives me to keep on keeping on. 

Lord keep this woman who is so dear to me
Give her strength and guide her through 
Bring her joy, bring her healing 
When she doesn't feel like it, let her know she is capable 
Keep her close to your heart and never let her out of your sight 
Make her burdens light and her journey strong
Allow her to leave a legacy 
Now is not the time for her yet but 
Give her the chance to give what she has left
And come back to you empty

*empty = when you have fulfilled your purpose and you are not going to your grave with unfulfilled dreams.

For all of you who see this, please reach out to a friend, mother, father, cousin, colleagues etc. etc. who you have not been in touch 
with recently. You don't know how much it may mean to that person, even if your last conversation ended with an argument 
or a "I will never speak to you again as long as I live".

Do it! If someone has been on your mind there is a reason for that, even if you call and they seem fine .. It wasn't a waste of time !! 

I love y'all and I love you Ms Allen, you mean so much to me.

Pebble$ x x