Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Prose Chose You

I take paces I get aces
I pass by on Tuesdays
Out to see Nana at bingo
To get on my nerves her little dog dingo
Heard his ears used to ring so he'd go really wild

Never meant anything to us or them
Many times to an occasion
Went through my paces passed on aces
Hoping to ace these classes
They ain't doing nothing but teaching the masses
That one day we would be set up competing for employment
With people we actually have no chance with right now
That one day the in-class competition
Would become worldwide

Where people migrate to cities to find work
Where people look for new places to learn new experiences
To have a new life, to live a new way, to innovate
To create, to recreate but
They never told us .. that our competition
Would try to diminish us
Would try to put us aside like a 
Fight of the fittest for survival
They never told me that my competition 
Was YOU.

        Copyright © 2014 PebblesWroteIt