Thursday, June 26, 2014


" Ain't nothing like the hope of new things to come. Why are you comfortable with being a simpleton? "

My newest written piece which I have for you today is called voyage, how the inspiration for the poem came is real funny I had just recovered from a conversation from the previous week and sat quietly searching for something within. Once I let the first word out and on paper, the rest of the words followed. So here goes, Enjoy !

Hey boo,

I heard you had to take the 2:57
On the second of the fifth of 07
That all you had to leave with
Was just one suitcase and a purse
Cash stacked and stashed
When we were out there cooking them jacket potatoes
I also heard
That while this call went on to o'six
You cut the line at o'four
So what did proceed to happen was
This conversation was followed by silence
Just listening to your complaints
As you had for the helpdesk
All I had was my ears to listen
So the sound waves from your words
From my ears they transition
Do I now really have any say?
May I just got to survive, with my doubt to pay
I think I held you up too high
My expectations of you .. stakes were too high
So now understood I must have to lower them
For you not to feel so much pressure
Cause now I understand that you can't handle it
From you I learn that I couldn't place this type of responsibility on another
Cause the same might happen in due season
That while the beginning, fresh and moods swinging freshly
You could actually take this stuff
But like the workload that just piles on
You can't handle it no longer ..
I thought you would be able to
Now that my ship is sailing, I'm on the voyage of my life
Leaving the pains of that time behind
So I can just carry on with my life
I understand, I really do ..
So for next time
It's hey girl .. Bye baby

I wish you a beautiful remainder of the week,

Pebble$ x

            Copyright © 2014 PebblesWroteIt

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