Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Answer It Please.

Happy Humps Day everybody !  I have a question that I would 

love you to answer.

Just leave a comment with the color. Thanks.

" What is the color of beauty/What color comes to mind when 

you think of beauty? "

NB. I'm not asking about skin tones.

Pebble$ x 


  1. Pebble$ that's kind of hard but I feel White reflects beauty best, not sure if that counts

  2. pink or purple very thought provoking

  3. Thank you for your comments . Please feel free to share the post with others !

  4. Beauty has no colour, it is an attribute which everyone one of us has and you see now a days magazines or tv giving beauty a colour, it's not right

  5. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in the mirror.

    If I had to chose a colour it would be Green the colour mother earth expresses herself in.


  6. When I think of beauty the colour that comes to mind is a warm bright colour such as creamy white

  7. I want to thank you all for your responses, creamy white is a great color, beauty has no color could that mean its an array of shades and hues that can't be singled out.

    CJ, thank you for your response I wasn't expecting that, you phrased is beautifully. Thank you.


Peace & Love !