Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oppressor's Realization {Part I}

Prepare Yourselves This Is Going To Be A Longer Than Usual Reading Session. 

Many times in life we deceive each other that we understand each other’s struggles and issues that are to be faced, we give fake solace with expression of smiles and compassion/sympathy that don’t even pass our teeth or hearts. In these acts we indirectly inconvenience and even deceive ourselves, and this should not be the case we should be able to open our eyes to see beyond that person’s struggles and see in which way we can help each other out in order to make the recovery or overcoming of those issues easier because you never know the day the tables will turn on you or even someone close to you. We should also be able to tell each other that, no I don’t know what you’re going through but in any way that I can help you get through this I will be more than happy to help you, simple!

In all things that we should learn and take from life, one thing we should strive to take and build on is selflessness, this can be practiced in various ways through charity, helping others, take that time out to just make conversation with that boy, girl, lady or gentlemen that we may sit next to in class or in your office or any other place where you find yourself on a daily basis.You never know what they could be going through & yes I know that you as a person could have your own things to deal with but ain’t no gain without pain. In getting across to them, maybe try to say “Hi” make a little conversation; at the worst that person will be rude but it will be at their loss they never even gave someone so special like you the chance to be known.

 In your efforts to reach out to people or make conversation, you not only feel better about yourself but you get to know something or someone that you didn’t know about before. The whole point in living is to learn new things as you progress on this journey; the moment you stop allowing yourself to be educated is the day that you stop all development and add to the individuals that just exist as mere life forms breathing for the sake of just being able to tell someone they can breathe.

I’ll stand today and tell you that as Pebble$, I admit and acknowledge that I may not know you because in your opinion you’re not famous but in Pebble$ Personal Opinion, I believe that anyone given the privilege to live in this life is a great celebrity with a purpose and mission in life that they must complete, now whether that mission is completed or not is up to the individual. Some have fame attached to their mission while others are blessed to have lives considered to be low-key that are blessed enough to be VIPs in their own cities, towns or neighborhoods for achievements or just standing for great values and standards; that are enough to drive generations that follow to ensure that they maximize their resources and secure themselves great futures.

You, dear reader are a great person and you should know that, you are valued not just because you are reading this but because you woke up this morning and decided to make it worth your while and, I hope after you leave my blog you leave knowing that you have a great future that is waiting for you to pick up the building blocks and build away to your own certified level of perfection. Someone out there is waiting to have the privilege to meet you and they are depending on you to get to the next level in their personal journey. You have the keys that they need to push forward; these keys could just be a few words from you or anything else that you hold as a gift that could be a blessing to someone else.

Please understand that even though you are relied on does not mean that you have the right to make that person feel any less than you because if you do someone else can easily be risen up in your place and used as the instrument for elevation and progress. So understand how precious you are to hold that gift, that position, that job, that role, those words, those keys, those unique qualities.

Remember that as great as you are there is also someone out there that is also supposed to be the one or ones that you are given the privilege to meet that can help in your progression; appreciate everyone because you can never be sure who they will be. Maybe the old lady that gets on your last nerves next door, the lady or the gentlemen you meet in the elevator every morning but have never spoken to in the 12 years that you have both caught the elevator or subway at the same time.

Woah, OK !! After writing all of that, which I didn’t think I would end up writing when I started this post, I think I’m lost for words to say so watch out for Part II which will be posted shortly, which was the basis for this great Pebble$ L. King Speech .. Lol !

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