Sunday, July 28, 2013

Little Girls & Angels ..

Hey y’all Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening !

I wish you a great time wherever you're at in the world, I also hope you have a great week  ahead. I come to you today to share
something a little different, a short story. I wrote this story when I was eleven, and came across it in some old school notepad
that I still had, imagine that! I finally trashed the book but kept a copy of that piece so I will paste it below for your reading pleasure. Feel free to critically comment on the story …

Hola todos ustedes la buena mañana, Tarde, Noche!

Les deseo un buen momento donde en el mundo, yo también espero que tengas una gran semana por delante. Vengo a ustedes 
hoy para compartir una poco diferente, una historia corta. Escribí esta historia cuando tenía once años, y me encontré en un 
viejo cuaderno escolar que todavía tenía, imagine eso! Finalmente me destrocé el libro, pero mantuve una copia de esa pieza así
que voy a pegarlo a continuación para su placer de la lectura. Siéntase libre de comentario crítico sobre la historia ...

| I was on my way using one of my shortcuts to grandma’s house when my hazel eyes seemed to go black, and my golden-brown locks arose from my shoulders like servants on the go. I felt a tap on my shoulder as I opened my eyes from a 10 second blackout to find what could have only been seen in thousands of fantasies and dreams. “Oh my goodness!” I exclaimed as a 7 year old girl, what else would you have expected me to say... I mean her hair so perfectly placed on her head, her silk soft skin. I thought to myself this couldn’t be any ordinary angel, this angel must have been sent by God. “Dear Child of God, may I ask if you are ok as I saw you laying on the floor still.”
I thought to myself, “This angel of God hath a far more pleasing sound than me.” The angel carried on with her journey, I thought I was dreaming but I pinched myself to make sure .. and I wasn’t dreaming. That shock topped all of the presents I wanted for Christmas, I mean that was a nice enough present it was like meeting someone as amazing as Bill Cosby or any other VIP. 
I had heard from people older than me around the age of 15, who had said angels were too good to be talked to and didn’t interact with little girls like me but as an obedient child I stayed calm and waited for my time to meet one. Then today was my day to stop waiting, surprisingly I finally met an angel she was nothing like the stories those boys and girls had told me. I finally saw with my own eyes, an angel. The only thing that had been roaming my mind that evening was the joy of having met an angel I felt a little inspired. I kept questioning myself what kind of experience it was and then answer myself “The greatest experience e-v-e-r!!!” |

Thank you for trying this reading experience, feel free to read previous posts.  

" The man who rests his head upon the stone knows the struggles he faced before that same head was able to 
be cushioned by the pillow. "

 - Pebble$ x 

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