Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy Sunday - There Is, A Blessing In Your Battles.

Happy Sunday Folks !
Just wanted to say hey and leave you with something I heard recently, and hopefully it will bless you.

" When we go through struggles in life we must understand that instead of thinking why me, why not you 
for the struggles are there to bring greater you to greater blessings; living without struggles I think most 
of us would be way too chill for the greater things that we should be possessing. We as individuals need 
to understand that for us to be stronger we must go through our battles and struggles, for through those 
struggles not only do we become more appreciative but we become aware of the excesses in life. 

These excesses can be friends only there in the up and absent in the down, these could be relationships, 
jobs, locations, strings attached to you that you need to cut; no matter what it is you know what your excesses 
are in the time of battle. 

To end this post, I will simply say that you are too good for where you are right now and for you to be that 
stronger & better you, please do not go AWOL or turn your back on or try to avoid your battle 
because there is a blessing in that battle .. that only rightfully belongs to you and no one but 
you can access. "

Much Love & Stay Blessed ! !


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