Friday, June 14, 2013

Pain Is A Brutal Friend

Get ready, get comfortable for the session is about to commence where your eyes follow and your mind travels, your thoughts are yours alone and they are to be respected. To understand is to absorb and relate back so feel free to comment even if it's a word or two. 

A head hits the wall 

A butt hits the floor 
You think to look back and wonder why being you was so hard 
Why a world so big would hate on little you
Why would a dude think to cheat the trophy with the sideline stone
Why do you care to think about the criticism
When they're people out there dying from the silent racism
Stitch the haters and stitch the backbites 
With their packages of insecurities 
Didn't want your man or lady friend 
And I don't look to steal what I have no interest in 
Pay no mind to the informant
Promise yourself to lead a life in the direction that progresses forward 
For all the folk that tried to break you .. remind them they were placed on rewind 
Because you had no intention to place them elsewhere
Where the brotha wastes time on a parasite that only looks to drain
The sista constantly places potential candidates on hold 
Whilst turning the head of Adams who could only loves Steves

Onto the next one

To say your sun is set in place amongst the backdrop of the blue skies
But no good, do I see within your salutations 
Proceeding from your mouth like Good Mornings and Good Afternoons
Search your heart for no good rests amongst the game you play
The game juggling false happiness
Where muscles exert no energy for you to smile
In plain terms your smile should be placed upside down
Your words placed and refreshed like the F5 key
They claim to talk truth and nothing but 
Place a test before you and you fail
First segregation and then elevation 
Filter through the sympathy and listen through the story 
For if your ears do not heed, your face will fade 
The truest words sent and received to the clowns
For it lies between what is used to point and that which is engaged
Do you look to my face for reference or to confess the unknown
As we now feel the depth of your hollowness 
Daring to confine she to a box that does not befit her
Looking to spark a rage, that boils his blood 

Step forward thinking you can have your shoulders elevated 

So now you transition with the purr of a growl
Can you step out and make the stand 
Here they come with 
In no dire need of their sucker punch kindness
Where they smile with their teeth but kill with their grin
Raindrops to settle on a surface
Placed in the dilemma not enforced but incurred
Now you move to place a call to a pair not concerned in the slightest
Today the lifelong dream separates and you awake 
Placed an ordinary rock in a palm and expect within yours riches 
Simply impossible for unrealistic dreams you place in real dimensions of 
Time and season 
Look to the skies and think, ponder where desires lie 
The mass and weight of her anticipation advances for ownership
They small and large search and envy but find nothing alike 
No worries should be placed the realness has not yet checked in for 5 star

This an anchor hooked on meeting prerequisite and satisfaction

Made plain it lies further and deeper than superficial wounds  
Come from posterior to take on anterior perspective 
Reflect now take and imagine new concept 
Grasp within to identify as the silhouette finds fulfillment now formed 
To tone down is to sacrifice and to sacrifice is to lead and leave
Is she one ready for such advancement, and he keen on change 
Does the old sit back and rock, just to make observations from 4 square inches of space 
While they place mistakes like race tracks just leaving dust 
Dust enough to slow down, hinder the blocking discovery 
From behind doors on knees so tired plead to take back bad 
Leave what remains to a flame for devotion of digestion 
Jawns not under alarm to surrender imperfection yes 
The real deal arrives for considering a place in stocks
Where the bass bumps and the speakers screams 
The DJ sets attract and gain his feet do not follow 

For the hot on his back drummed by the sun there is an invitation 

Inviting you to join does she place value now for the gift of her eternal
The shoemaker ignores, the chef excludes but a discount 
The gift maker now present a friend just the one you need 
Ma'am is there a need to box this up for treasuring 
So let go and let flow the notes across the page move your fingers 
A mouth shut to stop interference of melodies set in space at intervals

How ya feelin ? What ya thinkin ?
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