Sunday, May 12, 2013

Looking Back To Move Forward

Once a girl now a young lady 
Looking back in comparison to my now 
Remembering the times when my hardest decision 
Was whether to go with the strawberry or tropical popsicle 
Not to say I wanted to go back to that time but 
To wish that I didn't grow up so fast .. for even myself 
It's days and memories like these that make me 
Understand that no struggle would be permanent 
And what felt like an eternity of waiting 
Was just hours or minutes to him 
It was not the believing that was hard 
It was the where, when & how long ??
Felt like waiting in a queue to the bathroom at the mall 
I had hit a rock so large it wasn't just my foot but 
My whole body just slammed into it 
Like I had pushed hard on the brakes at a red light and 
Set the hydrolics 
It took a 20 year milestone
To make me understand the concept; 
The distance between that pain and this victory 
It took that same journey for me to understand that 
Nothing I had been through was wasted
Life went from choosing popsicles to choosing 
The direction I wanted my life to go for the next 20 
To be stuck in what could be ?? or 
Wake up to the reality of all possibilities 
To pick oneself up and strive for excellence
Hoping the next 20 year milestone would spell a "Well Done"
In bright lights 
I could finally look to those years and tell myself I made it 

                     .. x x

                       Copyright © 2013 PebblesWroteIt

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