Wednesday, February 13, 2013

..♥.. Valentine's Day Special ..♥..

Look me in my eyes one more time
And tell me those beautiful words that do proceed 
If I had not seen a love like this
I would have said it was non-existent
What you have done, is brought the lost into existence
You have caramelized the fudge 
Snowed on the smoooth Belgians
Gone all nutty with the Pralines
Now a sista left with a sweet tooth

I proceed to keep on moving
If I remember you said to meet you in the booth 
Strictly by 10, or else I'll meet lions in the den 
I read your note this morning had me coolin
Cause I was schoolin with the love meister  
And Forever My Lady was my jam when I got in the car
I wonder who hooked me up with that Jodeci

Could it happen to be a sweet tall figure 
About my size or an inch taller
Rockin Jheri Curls like a poster child for S Curls 
Could he happen to have made reservations for two
Came through for his girl like always, I call him my boo

Now the clock's hitting nine fifty-five
I'm dressed to put his myocardium in function 
But not severe enough to cause collateral damage 
It's five minutes later, a young Teddy Pendergrass whispers in my ear 
"Do you mind joining me for dinner this evening"
I took a step forward and turned round
And indeed it was a sweet tall figure 
Flattering with compliments and a rose for a pretty lady 
We waited to be seated and then set into the night  

Pebble$ & Co. ♥

     Copyright © 2013 PebblesWroteIt

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