Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Poet Is Out Of Session For A While ...

Pebble$ is at a point where she needs to take a little break, so in this time still feel free to explore my other 
mediums or catch up on past posts and follow my page +Pebble$ Blog . 

Much love to all & all my readers !

Pebble$ .. x 

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oppressor's Realization {Part II}

" When you felt that your place in authority would be forever and allowed yourself to be in need of making other's feel insignificant a wake up call would be made with the recipient being none other than yourself. "

He is the brotha that you talked down to 
You treat him like a lesser being because of a paycheck 
Your gross income surpasses his revenue 
He is now the inferior because the ideology got to your head 
A brotha gotta endure this model behavior 
Just because you got a college degree and a fat cheque
Pat yourself on the back, you must feel like a G.

He's already accumulated more I O U's than you've had in your lifetime
He's probably smarter but that don't matter
Always thought that he was dumb, you never knew his IQ
A brotha's struggles never seem to end
It's a long term depression gotta break that mentality
It's real funny what life can take from a person
Lady what would you do if tomorrow you woke up 
And there had been some sort of role reversal

He was in your position, and you in his 
Maybe this would make you understand things better 
Understand that a man's story should not be based on his beginning but rather his end 
For the riches now possessed were once rags 
You wouldn't blame a brotha if he tried to get you back 
Maybe in an attempt to get an apology out of you
Or to make you see things, may not always be forever
And that so called cashflow you got will eventually end
'Cause when you get called home you going back the way you came

Without nothing but yourself to account for 
A brotha's scaring you making you come to the reality 
That in due season you'll be living Ecclesiastes 5:15

That is my word and poetry presented for you to be blessed as you will, I hope you enjoyed reading that 
if you haven't read Part I click here

                                                             From yours truly, Pebble$ x 

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Oppressor's Realization {Part I}

Prepare Yourselves This Is Going To Be A Longer Than Usual Reading Session. 

Many times in life we deceive each other that we understand each other’s struggles and issues that are to be faced, we give fake solace with expression of smiles and compassion/sympathy that don’t even pass our teeth or hearts. In these acts we indirectly inconvenience and even deceive ourselves, and this should not be the case we should be able to open our eyes to see beyond that person’s struggles and see in which way we can help each other out in order to make the recovery or overcoming of those issues easier because you never know the day the tables will turn on you or even someone close to you. We should also be able to tell each other that, no I don’t know what you’re going through but in any way that I can help you get through this I will be more than happy to help you, simple!

In all things that we should learn and take from life, one thing we should strive to take and build on is selflessness, this can be practiced in various ways through charity, helping others, take that time out to just make conversation with that boy, girl, lady or gentlemen that we may sit next to in class or in your office or any other place where you find yourself on a daily basis.You never know what they could be going through & yes I know that you as a person could have your own things to deal with but ain’t no gain without pain. In getting across to them, maybe try to say “Hi” make a little conversation; at the worst that person will be rude but it will be at their loss they never even gave someone so special like you the chance to be known.

 In your efforts to reach out to people or make conversation, you not only feel better about yourself but you get to know something or someone that you didn’t know about before. The whole point in living is to learn new things as you progress on this journey; the moment you stop allowing yourself to be educated is the day that you stop all development and add to the individuals that just exist as mere life forms breathing for the sake of just being able to tell someone they can breathe.

I’ll stand today and tell you that as Pebble$, I admit and acknowledge that I may not know you because in your opinion you’re not famous but in Pebble$ Personal Opinion, I believe that anyone given the privilege to live in this life is a great celebrity with a purpose and mission in life that they must complete, now whether that mission is completed or not is up to the individual. Some have fame attached to their mission while others are blessed to have lives considered to be low-key that are blessed enough to be VIPs in their own cities, towns or neighborhoods for achievements or just standing for great values and standards; that are enough to drive generations that follow to ensure that they maximize their resources and secure themselves great futures.

You, dear reader are a great person and you should know that, you are valued not just because you are reading this but because you woke up this morning and decided to make it worth your while and, I hope after you leave my blog you leave knowing that you have a great future that is waiting for you to pick up the building blocks and build away to your own certified level of perfection. Someone out there is waiting to have the privilege to meet you and they are depending on you to get to the next level in their personal journey. You have the keys that they need to push forward; these keys could just be a few words from you or anything else that you hold as a gift that could be a blessing to someone else.

Please understand that even though you are relied on does not mean that you have the right to make that person feel any less than you because if you do someone else can easily be risen up in your place and used as the instrument for elevation and progress. So understand how precious you are to hold that gift, that position, that job, that role, those words, those keys, those unique qualities.

Remember that as great as you are there is also someone out there that is also supposed to be the one or ones that you are given the privilege to meet that can help in your progression; appreciate everyone because you can never be sure who they will be. Maybe the old lady that gets on your last nerves next door, the lady or the gentlemen you meet in the elevator every morning but have never spoken to in the 12 years that you have both caught the elevator or subway at the same time.

Woah, OK !! After writing all of that, which I didn’t think I would end up writing when I started this post, I think I’m lost for words to say so watch out for Part II which will be posted shortly, which was the basis for this great Pebble$ L. King Speech .. Lol !

Pebble$ ... x 

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Callin Out !

One of my newest compositions which captures the thought of an individual daily and frequently noted in a diary, throughout taking note of these events and thoughts she constantly mentions Dear Diary, this shows how a diary is used to take in all the individual sees from their perspective. Enjoy! 


I hope to open your eyes
For everything that could have gone blurry
For all the days it could have proved to be true 
They're happy. They have freedom
Dear diary they have freedom
They have happiness, 
Where their frights take flight and their worries are carried away on 

Red lorry, Yellow lorry, Blue lorry, Green !
They have lullabies diary 
Dear diary they have lorries, they have no worries
Dear diary they have no worries
They are free, they are good
Dear diary they sit and they sink
Dear diary they sit and they sink

Dear diary they have worries, they have worries 
Dear diary they have worries 
No longer taken on red lorries yellow lorries 
No lorries more
They are great people but they do not know how to comprehend
Dear diary they do not know how to comprehend
They go on with the motive, let's do this 
Let's do this!!
Dear diary they say let's do this

They are driven, constructive no space for destruction
Dear diary you hear that, they have no space for destruction
Nor corruption, nothing to corrupt the SoundCloud or the hard drive
Dear diary they are alone

They are alone dear diary
Dear diary they are alone ..

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Hope Is Here

You see all the chains that try to bind you 
Thinking how you're going to break loose 

Everything seems to be locking you down 
In this trial we will have tears and, sorrows 

But eventually smiles and freedom will come

Times made you feel you couldn't carry on 
Those that surrounded you filled with so much negativity 
Best thing to do was break away 
Where the spirit of the Lord is 

Evil does not prevail

His presence and guidance is what kept you 
Light the torch and keep running with it 
Though the pains of life, may get you down 

                 The love of God, will keep you standing 
                His guidance, his favor will give you strength
               It's the way he shows mercy that will amaze you 
             None can love you like him, 
            A love that gives despite your wrong 

                                                                       When hope is lost, and the storms of life rage 

                                                                           It is in him our souls find peace 
                                                                    Faith is the main key at times to unlock the blessings untold 
                                                              With a word that shows us nothing less than the truth

Pebble$ x 

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Is Here !

Hellur y'all and welcome to this 8th month of the year; so, so, so .. 

I wish you a successful and fruitful month ahead but instead of all the sweetness this post I would love you all to reflect on your year thus far. Is there anything that you stated on that hypocritic list of resolutions that you have not yet achieved; if you have successfully completed anything make yourself feel good and check it off your list. For those things which have not yet been achieved, ask yourself why they have not yet been completed, if you know why - sort it out !

If you feel that what remains on your list is not enough, why not add some other things to your list to challenge yourself to complete or accomplish by the end of 2013. Everyday should be a day to put yourself in check, if you cannot place your 
finger on one thing that you had achieved that day then you have a problem to solve, to ensure that tomorrow is different. The only person that can truly challenge or outdo you is yourself; if you don't the world will overtake and leave you behind in your unproductivity.

As my lovely and devoted readers if I'm moving forward you all have to be moving forward with me. My success is your success, my talent is your gift to enjoy, my knowledge is your knowledge and my wisdom is your wisdom gained. So if you don't usually know how to challenge yourself; today I challenge you to do something you wanted to do or that you have never done before.  

Write at least 5 things you'll do by the end of this month or by the end of 2013. Here are my 5:

1. I will find a way to be more comfortable with my world .. but not conforming to it.

2. I want all of my readers, YOU to feel free to leave comments even if they are anonymous. 

3. Getting merchandize produced for my readers and listeners.

4. Organize all the old literature, art and work that I have found in my archives.

5. I want to reach 10,000 hits (Blogger), 80 likes (Facebook page), 50 follows (Google+) and more shares on my content. 

Additionally, if you have younger siblings, nieces, nephews, kids, grandkids, cousins etc. feel free to share my Blog with them as my blog is for everyone, there are no restrictions. In my expression as an artist and poet I refrain from using anything vulgar in my posts; if the younger generations have any suggestions for me please feel free to comment for them, let them comment anonymously or otherwise feel free to get in touch with me at the following;


Peace out, have a great month .. Challenge yourself !

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Little Girls & Angels ..

Hey y’all Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening !

I wish you a great time wherever you're at in the world, I also hope you have a great week  ahead. I come to you today to share
something a little different, a short story. I wrote this story when I was eleven, and came across it in some old school notepad
that I still had, imagine that! I finally trashed the book but kept a copy of that piece so I will paste it below for your reading pleasure. Feel free to critically comment on the story …

Hola todos ustedes la buena mañana, Tarde, Noche!

Les deseo un buen momento donde en el mundo, yo también espero que tengas una gran semana por delante. Vengo a ustedes 
hoy para compartir una poco diferente, una historia corta. Escribí esta historia cuando tenía once años, y me encontré en un 
viejo cuaderno escolar que todavía tenía, imagine eso! Finalmente me destrocé el libro, pero mantuve una copia de esa pieza así
que voy a pegarlo a continuación para su placer de la lectura. Siéntase libre de comentario crítico sobre la historia ...

| I was on my way using one of my shortcuts to grandma’s house when my hazel eyes seemed to go black, and my golden-brown locks arose from my shoulders like servants on the go. I felt a tap on my shoulder as I opened my eyes from a 10 second blackout to find what could have only been seen in thousands of fantasies and dreams. “Oh my goodness!” I exclaimed as a 7 year old girl, what else would you have expected me to say... I mean her hair so perfectly placed on her head, her silk soft skin. I thought to myself this couldn’t be any ordinary angel, this angel must have been sent by God. “Dear Child of God, may I ask if you are ok as I saw you laying on the floor still.”
I thought to myself, “This angel of God hath a far more pleasing sound than me.” The angel carried on with her journey, I thought I was dreaming but I pinched myself to make sure .. and I wasn’t dreaming. That shock topped all of the presents I wanted for Christmas, I mean that was a nice enough present it was like meeting someone as amazing as Bill Cosby or any other VIP. 
I had heard from people older than me around the age of 15, who had said angels were too good to be talked to and didn’t interact with little girls like me but as an obedient child I stayed calm and waited for my time to meet one. Then today was my day to stop waiting, surprisingly I finally met an angel she was nothing like the stories those boys and girls had told me. I finally saw with my own eyes, an angel. The only thing that had been roaming my mind that evening was the joy of having met an angel I felt a little inspired. I kept questioning myself what kind of experience it was and then answer myself “The greatest experience e-v-e-r!!!” |

Thank you for trying this reading experience, feel free to read previous posts.  

" The man who rests his head upon the stone knows the struggles he faced before that same head was able to 
be cushioned by the pillow. "

 - Pebble$ x 

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy Sunday - There Is, A Blessing In Your Battles.

Happy Sunday Folks !
Just wanted to say hey and leave you with something I heard recently, and hopefully it will bless you.

" When we go through struggles in life we must understand that instead of thinking why me, why not you 
for the struggles are there to bring greater you to greater blessings; living without struggles I think most 
of us would be way too chill for the greater things that we should be possessing. We as individuals need 
to understand that for us to be stronger we must go through our battles and struggles, for through those 
struggles not only do we become more appreciative but we become aware of the excesses in life. 

These excesses can be friends only there in the up and absent in the down, these could be relationships, 
jobs, locations, strings attached to you that you need to cut; no matter what it is you know what your excesses 
are in the time of battle. 

To end this post, I will simply say that you are too good for where you are right now and for you to be that 
stronger & better you, please do not go AWOL or turn your back on or try to avoid your battle 
because there is a blessing in that battle .. that only rightfully belongs to you and no one but 
you can access. "

Much Love & Stay Blessed ! !


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Friday, July 12, 2013

Into The Maze of Life .

Into life,
The doors were wide open
You looked and wondered
Took a step inside 
The pathways of life
You took along 
A turn to the right
Could have turned out to be wrong
But a turn to the left, 
Could have turned out to be wrong
You moved to the center, 
An embarassing fright
But now comes the trickster
To retrace your steps
To the start of the trap
Life was not fair
That was no doubt 
Life let you in 
But it won't let you out !


Pebble$ .. 

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Just the Way It Is

If there's one thing I'll 
refuse to drop when you come 
around is my moral values,
just in a bid to win your

 love, by dropping what

 has made me, me you 
will not be marrying
 me but every 
other woman 
in the 

From Pebble$, Much love and thanks to all that read my blog !! 

От Pebble$, большой любовью и спасибо всем, что читаете мой блог !!

從卵石多的愛和感謝所有閱讀我的博客 !!

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Independently Blessed !!

First of all Good morning to all my American family !! I appreciate and love you all same goes for the rest of y'all 
that follow my blog around the world. I wanted to take this time out to say Happy Independence Day, hope your day is full of cheer because I know mine will be. 

I don't have any 4th of July poetry but I do have a little something to share called So Blessed .. being today is Independence Day, I thought I would incorporate it into the title of today's post calling it " Independently Blessed ".

I'm so blessed 
Woke up this morning feeling so refreshed
I'm so blessed
Got Momz on the left side
Daddy on the right side, brothers in the centerpiece
I'm so blessed
Live to see another year added onto my life
I'm so blessed !!

Much love from Pebble$ & the team !!

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Hellur July !!

Hello July & Hello to all Previously existing and Newly joining readers, 

I hope that you guys will nicely take the time out to catch up & enjoy what you have missed. Happy July !! You can now say 
you've made it into the 7th month of 2013, and if that isn't enough to be grateful for .. then please take the time to 
reflect and realize that some people started this year with us and didn't get to see the end of  
January, February, March, April, May or June so you are blessed !! 

I've got a whole lot more that I want to share with y'all so if you follow me on my other mediums; which I will be sure to 
share with you on my Google+ page, you can then experience more of Pebble$ 
than that which you see through my poetry. 

              Until the next post here's a piece called Love Lane which I wrote when I was ten;

Love lane is caring 
Filled with joy and happiness
Sending birthday wishes and Anniversary 
Wishes too, plus wedding successes
And diamond ring compresses
Above many houses is the beautiful sky-line
So blue and bright
So precious, so kind to all beneath
And leaving the starlight so bright

.. Pebble$ x ..

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

No Trespassing Please

I came to the room of my sister 
Where no little feet could pass
I smudged her foundation
I dipped my little fingers in her lip balm 
I saw her photos which seemed to have a mind of their own 

I entered her closet
The one place I knew I wasn't allowed
A forbidden place that meant so much to her
The key to her rhythm and radiance
I saw her shoes which tempted me
The clothes that I knew were her life

I now came back to where I came from
This was the door
And there in big bold letters read 
'No Trespassing Please'

Pebble$ x 

 Copyright © 2013 PebblesWroteIt

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Always Remember,

   I feel that sometimes as people we often forget our own values and worth when someone is not there to remind 
   us of how much we are valued, so as my way of telling you all how much you are valued I leave this quote by 
   the great, Harriet Tubman. 

Always remember, 
You have within you the Strength, the Patience, and the Passion to reach for the stars .. To Change The World ! 


             Copyright © 2013 PebblesWroteIt

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Chica's Travel .. x .

Take that right on fifth avenue where the city kids hang 

Treat yourself to a pretzel from the pretzel stand 

Take a stroll down by Utica 

A small escape from your room about 5/6 blocks away

A little time from the books 

You've been finding things a little difficult lately so, you 
looking for a sweet escape Gwen Stefani ! 

Pick a few things from the grocery store on your walk home 

Few minutes later your home cooking a nice meal for one 

Wash up and then its back to the books 

You just wonder if there was a better way around and still 
hit top grades 

You're not in a boring city, this is New York baby !

" Where the footsteps travel .. footprints are sure to follow "
Pebble$ x 

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Pain Is A Brutal Friend

Get ready, get comfortable for the session is about to commence where your eyes follow and your mind travels, your thoughts are yours alone and they are to be respected. To understand is to absorb and relate back so feel free to comment even if it's a word or two. 

A head hits the wall 

A butt hits the floor 
You think to look back and wonder why being you was so hard 
Why a world so big would hate on little you
Why would a dude think to cheat the trophy with the sideline stone
Why do you care to think about the criticism
When they're people out there dying from the silent racism
Stitch the haters and stitch the backbites 
With their packages of insecurities 
Didn't want your man or lady friend 
And I don't look to steal what I have no interest in 
Pay no mind to the informant
Promise yourself to lead a life in the direction that progresses forward 
For all the folk that tried to break you .. remind them they were placed on rewind 
Because you had no intention to place them elsewhere
Where the brotha wastes time on a parasite that only looks to drain
The sista constantly places potential candidates on hold 
Whilst turning the head of Adams who could only loves Steves

Onto the next one

To say your sun is set in place amongst the backdrop of the blue skies
But no good, do I see within your salutations 
Proceeding from your mouth like Good Mornings and Good Afternoons
Search your heart for no good rests amongst the game you play
The game juggling false happiness
Where muscles exert no energy for you to smile
In plain terms your smile should be placed upside down
Your words placed and refreshed like the F5 key
They claim to talk truth and nothing but 
Place a test before you and you fail
First segregation and then elevation 
Filter through the sympathy and listen through the story 
For if your ears do not heed, your face will fade 
The truest words sent and received to the clowns
For it lies between what is used to point and that which is engaged
Do you look to my face for reference or to confess the unknown
As we now feel the depth of your hollowness 
Daring to confine she to a box that does not befit her
Looking to spark a rage, that boils his blood 

Step forward thinking you can have your shoulders elevated 

So now you transition with the purr of a growl
Can you step out and make the stand 
Here they come with 
In no dire need of their sucker punch kindness
Where they smile with their teeth but kill with their grin
Raindrops to settle on a surface
Placed in the dilemma not enforced but incurred
Now you move to place a call to a pair not concerned in the slightest
Today the lifelong dream separates and you awake 
Placed an ordinary rock in a palm and expect within yours riches 
Simply impossible for unrealistic dreams you place in real dimensions of 
Time and season 
Look to the skies and think, ponder where desires lie 
The mass and weight of her anticipation advances for ownership
They small and large search and envy but find nothing alike 
No worries should be placed the realness has not yet checked in for 5 star

This an anchor hooked on meeting prerequisite and satisfaction

Made plain it lies further and deeper than superficial wounds  
Come from posterior to take on anterior perspective 
Reflect now take and imagine new concept 
Grasp within to identify as the silhouette finds fulfillment now formed 
To tone down is to sacrifice and to sacrifice is to lead and leave
Is she one ready for such advancement, and he keen on change 
Does the old sit back and rock, just to make observations from 4 square inches of space 
While they place mistakes like race tracks just leaving dust 
Dust enough to slow down, hinder the blocking discovery 
From behind doors on knees so tired plead to take back bad 
Leave what remains to a flame for devotion of digestion 
Jawns not under alarm to surrender imperfection yes 
The real deal arrives for considering a place in stocks
Where the bass bumps and the speakers screams 
The DJ sets attract and gain his feet do not follow 

For the hot on his back drummed by the sun there is an invitation 

Inviting you to join does she place value now for the gift of her eternal
The shoemaker ignores, the chef excludes but a discount 
The gift maker now present a friend just the one you need 
Ma'am is there a need to box this up for treasuring 
So let go and let flow the notes across the page move your fingers 
A mouth shut to stop interference of melodies set in space at intervals

How ya feelin ? What ya thinkin ?
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