Friday, December 7, 2012

Violate .. Annihilate.

For a heart that scares so easily 
You're running around the world, 
No chains attached to you 
So you have no boundaries 
You then had the audacity to invade my house 
Went ahead like a space raider and 
Stole my courage from it's position
Thoughts running through my mind, I ponder 
Will I grace these moments to see the next 

Can I make each day, that the sun rises 
Does violence now look for an apartment 
On the property market in the future 
How can this heart question 
While the mind dares to think 
Each day a seed is planted, in hope it flourishes 

It grows in fear of the world and weeds 
Planted to bring destruction

Will you let it go or keep on with your flow 
I done spent a long while, just getting by 
Do me the favor and let me know 
Will you let my kids observe the beauty in the world 

Do you ?? Hope to one day man up 
So make yourself scarier than you are 
Bring a pure heart, and place it peacefully 
In an instance devoured by the reality 
Of your search to wake up and disrupt dreams 

                      Copyright © 2012 PebblesWroteIt

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