Monday, September 10, 2012

Blameless .. What Ifs

Needles to say, without a doubt 
I had a need for you much more 
Lost days, wasted years, continuous tears 
Just trying to find the one I thought meant forever 
Held you in my heart, real close 
Always had encouraged you to do your own thing
Appreciated the way you did things 
But never in a million years did I think ... 

It would cost such separation for such a long period 
So many what ifs, to work out what happened
I blamed myself so many times for your departure 
Only to find my wise words, made your wings spread 
Worried times over, placing unnecessary burdens
Thinking of the worst, surely wasn't best
Surely turned out to be worth my while 
Waiting on you to start off where we left off 
Turn the pages read my four page letter 
See it took a while .. to express my feelings in words 
Everytime I tried it just sounded worst  

                                                                                             Copyright © 2012 PebblesWroteIt

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