Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Dear Pebble$: 003

October 2, 2018

Dear Pebble$, 

Welcome to the final quarter of 2018, you have completed 75.3% of the year.

" I realize that I can no longer allow life dictate how I feel, how I react and how I get back up from being knocked down."

Your resilience is the secret to becoming the great woman you wish to be, you are bigger than your current hurdles and you know that life was won so you could restart. You have to act like God's child do not wait on a next year to walk in greater things, a new month is here this is your next moment in time. In Him, know your rights, your entitlements, the impossibilities turned into possibilities. Know that prayer is cool, but your prayers from now on are directed to the next phase. Your new phase is here and it is ready - with all needs met just ACCESS it.

What you have prayed for is here, walk in the reality of claiming and being what it is that you wanted for so long. Do not beg for what already has your name on it, do not question what your faith has already cashed in. The next step is preparing all this content you've placed on a list to film, to write, to plan, to create etc. etc. Your audience is watching, waiting and growing - girl you have a lot to give don't be afraid. Stop crying.

You have a lot to be grateful, you know about September 6, 2018. That is your reminder for the rest of your life, it could have ended BUT God and his receipts though! Be grateful more often, acknowledge what IS going right, what you HAVE achieved, where you HAVE been. You have grown since Letter 001, you have progressed, you are not at the same place you were then.

Since Letter 002, every point is a work in progress but I feel they collectively combine to nurture you into the woman you are becoming. They each stand as weakness that are shared, so you can increase in strength. They are character builders, things that will make you relatable to those who are yet to work on these things for themselves.

This next quarter is for starting afresh, for opening yourself to possibilities and not stepping back even once because you don't feel like you qualify. What you think disqualifies you is what will qualify you, for folks wanting to give you a chance at whatever it is that you want to do. The next quarter is for allocating time to planning. Let's go.

Much Love, 

The Chica You Best Believe That!

Letter 002

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