Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Allegory of the Cave (Plato) and How It Compares to the African American Community

This quarter's guest blog post comes from A Scholar Review, who starts THE REALEST CONVERSATION. I felt the depth of this post, it creates room for a conversation to open up and progress, it provides the opportunity to share opinions and examine the way in which we consume information and what we do with that.

Sometimes we are poisonous to our own people.

There once was a young boy named Eric who dreamed of one day making it big. He dreamed of mansions and cars and freshly cooked Sunday night dinners. His parents worked hard to keep their family together and he was often left to raise himself in the downtrodden streets of the inner city. Eric spent the first year of high school skipping class and getting high in the bathrooms. He was good with numbers, they flew through his head like music notes and he used them to buy an entourage. His friends were soon like brothers in arms, fighting against the man and whoever else dared to keep them down. While they loved him, his parents cracked but never wavered due to a shred of hope that their hard work would soon pay off in that he would live past eighteen.

After a night of danger and sticky red hands left one friend dead and another in jail, Eric makes the decision to get his life together. His skipping school days are behind him. Books and highlighters become his new best friends and good times shooting ball on the courts fade away. His parents, still fighting their own beasts of debt, forget the pat on the back. He struggles and fails but is determined to achieve his goals. 

Years later he graduates from high school with a higher than stellar gpa and scholarships for college. He excels through college, graduating in the top of his class. His parents are older now...

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