Sunday, March 4, 2018

Definitively Me

I'm remembering four years of living
Holding tight to these balloons
Then I'm thinking of twenty one 
Dodging the ties that would prevent a future
I'm remembering 
How I have reminded folks 
I am not just a womb 
I don't have to be one part of together 
A liberated mind had me walking like Pepsi
One red chuck, one blue chuck
I remember my lessons 
I forget my pains
You can't move with these

This one might be a story
This one might be boring 
This one might have been heard before
This one is yours
For the times when tears become your swimming pool
Reach the pool side 
Get to the end of the river
Remember to breathe
Your value will be tested
Your mind will become a VCR
Yeah the story gets that old 
Repeated, rewound, played, stopped, 
Fast forward
Go to the parts that motivate you most
Accomplish something there 
But come right back to the ugly and complete your task
Give it your best
The beautiful easy parts
And the draining extended parts 
They drain you of everything you have 
Look for the finish lines along the way
Congratulate yourself, celebrate
Take yourself to the movies 
Get lost in a bookstore
Walk around the mall without reason
Try on all the shoes you like in your size 
And walk right out 
Go to the library 
Take a pile of books
Read a few pages from each 
Use the time in putting each one back in its place to breathe
Think on nothing and think on everything
How did you feel
How do you feel
This is how a quarter of a century feels
Fruit flows out of my words 
To give you the food you need
My leaves are the parts thought to be least useful 
But all leaves within my garden 
Bring healing 
They are the parts of my story 
You can have as your own 
My fruit however we've got to share that 
Get a notepad 
Purchase some ears 
Open heart surgery 
So your heart can take this in 
Allow yourself to go deeper to find you 
Get lost in that space
Ask questions in that space 
That is where you are supposed to grow from

If I have just 4 minutes to tell you to keep on going
I'd start with forgive yourself
Listen to yourself
What do you want to eat
Feed your soul
Feed your mind
Feed your eyes
Feed your body 
Who lives on the inside of you 
Are you its reflection 
Or does the reflection 
Act as a constant reminder 
That you're getting to better 
These next four minutes should lead to another 
Stepwise in thoughts 
We'll get you to your healing 
We'll open paths for growth 
You'll begin to see your best days 
Years will lay ahead of you unhindered
You will be sure of the road ahead
You will hold hands with an immutable love 
Jump off the precipice of your doubts 
And land in the pillows of your 
Daring to dream 
Your boldness will threaten 
The inferior parts of you 
Confidence will blossom
You will hold your own 
You can hold your own 

Of course you are living 
Of course you are a woman
Of course you have a mind
It's a level playing field for battles 
But you know you'll win every single one
I look forward to your life's paper
When it's all done
Submission is due as you close your eyes to sleep
Be at peace in life so
It becomes routine in passing

 I have decided to put a hold on the publishing of my book. I want to save it for a time when I feel it is better to release, please bear with me. I will be sure to update you so follow me herehere & here.

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