Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My Call

(Image credit: Keith Mallett)

My call to pray 
Pray that I am freed of ancestral strongholds, spirits, 
Doesn't start at pulling out the weeds great-granddaddy planted
Or the attitudes of my greatest grandmother
It is a call beyond the Brazilian who holds links with the Bajan, 
African and Italian within the helices of my dearly natured acid
It is beyond the control of the nucleus of my being 
Beyond cells signaling to keep me here 
Begging for mercy
This is the prayer that I
Undo the afflictions of the Egyptian at my feet
Pull down every sphinx
Abandon the power I have placed in crystals and salts 
Place no value on gold 
It is used to resurface the streets where I'm from
It is the Ethiopian within pleading to be fruitful
To be undefeatable again
To have His favor again
It is moments crying knowing
We will never rise that high again
Ignorance won't let ALL of us get there
Even if the educated, informed and equipped of us 
Try raising the rest of us
It is Noah reminding me how to reverence my creator 
At all times
Reminding me to make the effort
Ask questions as you go
Believe that the answers will come in time
It is Nimrod forgetting how he got here
It is my footprints in Babylon
These are the ruins you placed above my friend?
I hope I am not opening 
What you have closed and thrown away the key to
Am I looking for the solution
Where you have said
We must come before you in unity, to find it
Am I grasping understanding 
Am I answering the right call.

This poem was inspired by my current read, What Is Wrong With Being Black?

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Current Conversation

Welcome back readers. The new story in a Writer's Reading List, is one of addressing what has long been overdue to address. Is there is a problem with the melanated king and queen in this life? Is there a curse in being black? I'm a few days into reading this book, having moments of crying, laughing, reflecting as well as challenging myself mentally. This book has inspired some written pieces, I will be sure to share those pieces with you on Instagram, so watch out for those.

Here are my thoughts on seeing a new year. Welcome to 2018 & Happy New Year !

" To a year that takes more than my surface knowledge, I will overlook my wants and address what I need. I am creative, poet, writer, sister, friend, artist, art, working masterpiece, the master hibernator when gunshots ring in the air. If ever told to go outside into the conflict and save, if ever placed in discomfort to search for our comfortable - I will go. No matter how many doubts swim around my being, or fear suffocating the lubrication of my airways I will be the surfactant where necessary to reduce our tension, our friction. Here's to a year that won't allow me to be comfortable, that will push me to my extremities & here's to my fellow poets, artists, writers, content creators, authors, bloggers, friends and new connections that come - we'll conquer this together. 
Happy 2018! "

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