Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Why Every Young Girl Should Read "Eat Pray Love" Even After 10 Years

This quarter's guest blog post comes from ViaLeeny, who speaks on LIFE LESSONS. Through a new read, she breaks down the different things that we can learn from this book and its characters. It is a search for finding how to better oneself after the storm, after mistakes, after having eyes unveiled to see the reality.

 You're a free, curious spirit. Always looking for the next best thing in your life. You have your whole career set in stone, you have a somewhat clear but also somewhat messy vision of what you want for yourself. You have dreams within you and creative energy which are going unfulfilled either because of outside influences you hate to admit exist or because of your own fear of trusting your inner voice. I'm just like you and through out Eat Pray Love you can catch glimpses of how Liz is just like us: wanting to move closer to our truer selves. Maybe it's just a human thing (shrugs) 

1)  It will open up your eyes to generational differences

Liz is little like her mama & she knows it. The empowering realization that you don't have to be frees your soul. Maybe you grew up in a household where "this is the way we do things around here" goes. Or maybe you were left to your own vices to figure it out only through observing the way others do things. In either case you might have felt within your bones something's got to change in your personal life, or else you'll go mad & lose yourself. Within the first few chapters we already get a sense of Liz recreating personal principles and boundaries which weren't had in generations before hers.

2) It will inspire you to take risks without guarantee

When Liz realized she had to do things differently, she took some risky action to create that change. You may have come to realize the character you've been playing in your life might have been assigned to you because of outside influences at home, school, work or social media. But then it hits you - this character isn't who you truly are, nor is it who you want to be. Aren't you glad it's never too late? While it is scary to step into the unknown territory that change always seems to occupy, you might discover some hidden gems within yourself along the way.

 3) You will realize sometimes you don't..

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Happy International Women's Day.

I wanted to take this opportunity to do this tag which went viral a few years ago, I'm not sure if it fits in with the essence and purpose of International Women's Day but here goes.

I'm not old enough to give advice to my younger self, I am however in the position to give advice to my teenage self and these are the things I'd say:

You weren't very confident, you had low self-esteem. People used to intimidate you a lot and it took you a lot to get to where you are now as a young lady; even as you are, there are still a lot of things you are dealing with because you're dealing with the realities of seeing something different than who you are. I want you to know, that in some years from now when you've gotten out of your teen years and you are in your twenties; you will be surprised at how much you would have learned, matured and progressed. 
Things will get better, life will get better, situations will get better. You will still be fighting for your place in this life to show that you're worth the fight, to show your existence is not just another life form breathing in and out but it will be more than you can imagine. It will be more than you can take in, you'll be fine ! Even though you're this loner through high school and you feel so alone - you have days when you're depressed and you come out of it to questions like why am I upset?, why am I down? why do I feel like I'm not worth anything?
You will very soon not only have worth for self but have worth for others. People are going to hurt you, and you're going to say stupid things because you haven't matured yet but you will soon learn how, to not be too big to say sorry & you will also learn to say sorry even when you are not at fault. You will also learn how to accept the challenges of life, understanding that no position in this life is permanent - after the struggle comes elevation. 
You don't think you can make it to college and you have dreams within, you have hope and then you don't, then you have the drive but you're put down, you'll be fine though! I just want you to understand that in some years from now you will be someone that people admire, people will appreciate you even if they don't say it & you'll be one of the coolest people around on this earth. 
You are going to grow as a poet, in ways you don't understand and you're going to have social media - yes, you won't believe it because you weren't up on that MySpace and other things but you're going to share with the world. It will be slow at first, you have to understand that. These teenage years of yours are not wasted some time in the future you'll have to make another young lady or young man understand that "your current situation is where I was years back and I guess I'm happy I went through it because of YOU."  They'll probably look at you like you're crazy, and you will explain; that you had to go through those things so someone like them in 20-30 years from now would have someone to tell them that it's going to be alright. 
They are not going to stay there, they will not constantly be depressed but they are on a journey to their joyful place and that isn't necessarily materially. When you get there don't forget that you were once here. Don't stay where you used to be but appreciate the process that took you through where you used to be and brought you to where you're at. 

I hope you all have a wonderful International Women's Day and for all the guys and kids out there, even as women let us 
learn to appreciate each other. Go out of your way to call your mom, your aunt, your grandmother, your nana - let them know
they are appreciated women and even though to the world they may not be internationally known. In the little city in the confines of your heart, soul and existence they are women worth recognizing.

Much Love & Peace,

Pebble$ x 

I want to publish a book, it will be a collective  of my work from the start of my journey at 8 years old til Summer 2015. Hold me to it ! 

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