Tuesday, December 22, 2015


As I sit down to reflect on the year and my journey so far, I come to a point of great appreciation for the opportunities given. This feels like my best blogging year so far, this year I felt like I gave more than the Poet and Writer within.  I used my experiences and I had an inner confidence. Thank you world for allowing me to use this platform as a stage to showcase to you the lady I am becoming and the woman I aspire to be !  
-  Pebble$ 

4. Fixed On You


My top 4 posts of 2015 are a mixture of poetry and motivating posts that gave me a chance to give what I have in the hope of encouraging and speaking to my world (that is YOU) who read my posts through one means or another. 2015 took me from "I know what I'm doing, I got this" to "somebody help a sista out" and right back !

Little did I know that I was going to learn so much about myself in a way I wasn't even ready for. 'New Beginnings' you have to put yourself in check every time you get the chance and that doesn't even have to be due to any wrongs against self, you just have to keep it 100 with yourself and where you are going. There is one piece from this post that reflected itself in the first quarter of the year, "You just need to wake up and be a servant of all, let them know 'you wanna take a dump on my feelings and kindness' GO AHEAD !!". This happened on several occasions but I decided I wouldn't stop in my goodwill, your choices are none of my business.

'Devil Take A Seat, Let Me Lecture' who doesn't know how it feels to have a nose you can't breathe through and a head that hurts, then combine this with a desire to succeed where health contradicts strength. This was a post of realizing the reality of giving up on self at the last moments when all the points were just about to click together. This is my only regret of 2015 and I promise you I won't be selling myself short in life ever again.

Every stage of life requires that you learn something new and with that comes development that will always equip you for something or someone. 'The Changes' takes you through a process of building self so that you can help to build the world around you, through this you can move onto the image. The image of the man/woman that will come from the growth of your trips, your stumbles, your boo boos, tears, laughter, the rises and falls. 

Now the side of poet, 'Fixed On You' first of all I didn't even know what to call this post then I decided to paste it into a draft that I had already created .. so a visual and a caption later and a post was born, ready to be shared with the world. This is the last but not least of my TOP 4 Blog posts of 2015 !

These are my top 4, are there any of others that should have made the list? I look forward to bringing another year of amazing 
posts to you and more discovery ! 

Happy Holidays Ahead, Enjoy Yourselves And See You In 2016 !!!

Pebble$ x

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I know this post is going up a little late but I was wondering if sharing this piece matched with the Hello December above .. well I have decided to 
put them up together. Just telling stories from a story-filled mind, my flow will not always make sense but I do hope you get the message within it. 

The Story Begins:
I don't know the real struggle of that brotha
I'm not ready for a strip and search of my emotions
Conceited as I am I don't look to conceal
I won't really ever know how it feels to have your pure canvas painted black
To know the feelings of yesterday shut down in a shotgun
To have the feels of yesterday dead and gone
I will always be gone to the connection of touching and living it
Idle, wild minds create minds for plains of fury
We set our clocks back by a half hour
Just to blame them for closing early on the happy hour
I will continually take trips and turns playing hop scotch
Instead of fully understanding the embodiment of who you are
I don't know why you live here
But you must be strong to stay there
Stay over there where the breeze is clean
Freedom is not too far away gone
From the lungs of those constrained by a stain
Your confidence is showing
A journey upheld even through strong winds
I must commend you
But in order to commend I have to comprehend you
That isn't easy and I'm learning
Learning to sip on a juice not always suited to the taste of buds
I am not accustomed to the treasures you hold
I can't find you in my book
You didn't allow me to write your story
I don't know the real struggle of that brotha
I'm not ready to take the pain of being a son after his mother's heart
I will never know what that takes
Summon what is not there to hold together pieces almost shattering
Why is doing anything for a mother so.. so important
Where do tears go when your insides are hurting
Why are your lungs bruised and your heart still beating
I hear it kills you to see it every day
How this situation is slowing dying
Where is your resurrection when we thought life wiped you out

               Copyright © 2015 PebblesWroteIt