Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fixed On You ..

Who will you blame for my impertinence to conform
Who will you hold for my ignant mind as you call it
And who taught you to judge my book without its cover
Who will you question for my ingratitude

I am here solely confined
And you show no reason to care
You find your solace in that stupid newspaper you read every morning
Your soul is absent, I can hear your sorrow bellowing
Your tears fight with your eyes and your scorn grazes your skin
Who will you use to educate yourself
I refuse to let my mistakes be your teacher
I don't know you but you somehow know me??
Is that so

Your wind is stale and your gusts are not appeasing
Why do you read parables in my simple words
Why is my attitude your riddle
Don't try to figure it out
Your taxes still don't add up
You want to calculate me
And you have no answers for yourself
Why are you a nuisance staying around my grounds
Lower you guard ..
I mean your gun

I am not your threat and neither is my mind
For your information I do speak English
My written is that most bitten
My words nourish the soul
My dreams should be your food for thought
Step back my actions are not my advance
Your lack of knowledge annoys me
Sit down and translate
Keep you eyes open and stay awake

    Copyright © 2015 PebblesWroteIt