Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Motivate yourselves .. Be motivated !

- Pebble$ x 

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Changes ..

Life is an interesting ride, a journey, a set of stairs taken to your final destination BUT no where in the contract of life did it say things would be easy or the ride smooth, rather it stated that we find ourselves, learn, enrich our existence and in finding ourselves discover each other. If you need to find yourself that means you must be ready to educate yourself on value, principles, positivity and building. If you do not grasp the fundamentals of building yourself you will never be able to help another to build and consequently will be left hindered in your ability to help in building the world around you. 

I find fulfilment in knowing that I have someone to talk to, people to talk to and laugh with. There is no space for a void when you occupy your time and worth with building, within building sometimes your hands won't be at work it will be your mind learning and being educated! Progression will follow when you find that you are constantly seeking to improve the vessel known as YOU, mastering that means you'll have no trouble with sharing what you have gained with others. You go through your own things in life to be a mentor to those who will go through something similar in life. 

Taking in the experience of the journey is so important, even more than getting to the finish line. When you focus on the image of the complete you (the you, you want to see, the man/woman you wish you were, the place you wish you were at in life, wishing you had achieved that dream or goal by now etc. etc.) you forget to enjoy the trips, the stumbles, the boos boos, the tears, the laughter, the rises and the falls. Missing out these "minor" events are very dangerous in your walk as a human, as an individual in this thing we call the 'human race'. Blotting your mind out to the failures/negatives leaves huge gaps in your history which means that for those periods of time you have nothing to prove your existence so you were just in gaseous exchange & excretion mode and not existing. 

I won't come at you with all this without admitting that I take time to reflect sometimes and realize I've spent too much of my life blotting out 'minor details' and horrible experiences. My saving grace at intervals is being reminded that I was a pretty cool kid despite my unhappiness. Yes, I have been bullied for most of my life and hated on, I still get hated on but we as individuals can't be stuck at that bus stop you have to keep it moving define your destination and let it be anywhere that does not enable you to somehow come back here. Move on! 

As life progresses, you may bring yourself to the confidence of moving on and you'll make a lifestyle out of building and contributing to the growth of YOU; and you will count all experiences good or bad in your journey to those goals and dreams. Good! Now you have found yourself but why are you experiencing the same problems, or so you think but you are not. Over the course of this life you experience new levels and new kinds of problems, the issues that you face change as they realize your graduation throughout life. Many times we think we are alone in facing these problems until we realize we can involve others to help us through. And yes we are the only one until we realize how many other people are going through or have gone through those same experiences.

We don't realize and can't seem to see how much easier our struggle(s) could be, if only we decided to seek the counsel of those who have already been through those tests, trials, tribulations, pains, etc. name them 
my ragazze, my ragazzi!

As you face your challenges daily, do me one favor and count your blessings one by one .. seeing, eating without aid, breathing, walking by yourself, the ability to run, to talk, to hear. You don't take these things into account because you are putting those who can't down, but to show that you are appreciative of those things which you possess and most often take for granted !

Love You All ..


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