Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Doing What You Doing ..

Hey World.

It's been a minute since I have engaged with you and given you any updates. I can't believe it has been three years (passed that milestone on June 8th, 2015) that I've been blogging. It has been real nice doing it, it's been a journey of its own. I'm really grateful to my family, my friends, people who just got to know me through the camera or through my blog first because some people followed me on Google+ before I realized every post I was making, I was sharing with only myself. I don't know how that setting got there but a year later is when I made this discovery, maybe that's the reason why many people could not find me in the first year. 

If you follow me on Google+ you will notice that most of my posts have been music, only because I'm slowly easing back into it - with all my social media. Music is one thing that I love so I thought, what a better time to share it while I'm deciding on what I want to present and record.

But hey! This post is not about me making excuses so let me get back to my main focus, however have you had the chance to check out my Open Mic.

If you have been wondering I have been good, I have been well. Back in January me and my immune system had a little argument which cause a cold sore (my second cold sore stressing-myself-related) and this occurred because I was thinking and overthinking .. working, being hard on myself. So my immune system decided to conversate and tell me I was being hard on myself and that's why I got that cold sore. Stressing myself, not time stress but putting myself under stress because I wasn't where I wanted to be. So, I want to take this chance to encourage everybody that no matter what stage of your dream, or on the road to your dream that you are at .. You will get there eventually, You can get there and You will get there! How hard are you willing to work for it though ?!

There are few things I have read these past few months which I will share with you.

First one, "Yes society brings oppression and sometimes that society is you who oppresses yourself." 
This little bit of knowledge literally means that yes society is responsible for oppression because they are the ones 
to build then destroy the ideal .. see it favors them one time and they be like 'ouu this look good for now' then they change their minds later and decide today we ain't feeling that ! 

So the rest of y'all who killed yourselves because you didn't meet the previous standard might have lived through the new standard or the new ideal that society may have going on. This leads into "A double-minded man is unstable, for his mind is everywhere ..". If you don't know who the freak you is, anybody and everybody will tell you who they think you are, so you need to know about yourself. You need to realize that no matter what anybody else tells you, no matter what you have told yourself about yourself in the past you are an amazing human being, you are an purposeful individual .. I'm not going to say unique (Pebble$ gon get ya !!).

It depends on how you perceive unique, if your unique is being this way today, being this person today and that person tomorrow dependent on what changes in society then you have not yet found your Uniché, yeah I'll make that a word. Who is supposed to be in Uniché .. YOU are supposed to be in Uniché. A niche is a place of comfort, a place where you excel it is where it doesn't matter what anybody says to you, you know you are the best and you tell them this is my Uniché !

You need to find your niche, your niche is your unique place .. your unique selling point like they say in business. What is so amazing about you that I want to invest time and space allowing you to speak your positivity into the room that I'm in, to speak your positivity into my mind. To allow the sound waves from your words and your mouth to get into my ears .. Are you really worth my time? If the answer is Yes I will continue listening if not there is an X button in the corner of the screen you can click that ish out !

So that is how we get to the point of Uniché, you have to be comfortable in the way you are and in this case you should be a single-minded man or woman. A man of one mind, one body, one spirit and soul. Everything should be in harmony everything should be in syncytium just like the heart, they are supposed to work as one. You are supposed to have a level of awareness and consciousness that allows you to be the best that you can be, to 
operate at the best level of YOU as the best version of you in, day out !

When you find Uniché it's going to be very hard for anything or anyone to depress you because you know that who determines your happiness is you. So if you decide that today 'I'm not feeling so good but I will try', let it be because of YOU not because of somebody else telling you stuff or doing stuff.

Next one, "Anyone who does what they love will always look good doing what they are doing while 
doing what they are doing." I spoke to a homeboy of mine a few weeks back, I might have told him this or I wished I had remembered at that point in time to tell him that he needs to find what he loves doing then he will do what he loves. Only because it's hard enough not knowing how exactly you'll go about finding what you love doing, what you were created in this life to do then you have the pressure of parents on top of it. Sometimes or actually a few times you think, how are my parents gonna perceive me? what will they say? I got an older sibling who is doing this so how am I going to go about it? You just have to try and find a way to make sure you try to do something right while you're trying to tell them "Yo mom and pops, I really want to go this way but you know I tried my hand at this and I gave it my best and it's not working out or it worked out but this ain't where I find fulfillment". With that any wise parent would sit down sit back and think, where would my child best excel let me take in their suggestions or he's told me best on how I could help him out/ help her out.

You got to be real cerebral to get this one "Faithless men come as the opposition to your success, they do nothing less than destroy faith and fix fate." let me explain that to you. You want to succeed in life, right? I don't know any person who doesn't want to succeed and, the faithless man - is the 'friends' around you who say 
"Girl you can never do that", "Hey man, you really think you can do that .. do you know where you coming from" 
or "What's your basis though, you don't have no foundation where you going?". So you then have to tell yourself, 
there are people who have hit rock bottom, people who started with zero that own a lot; I am not them BUT they 
are examples of what hard work does, and what determination does when you want to succeed. If you want to succeed .. you will ! I have a lot of people who tell me " Yo Pebble$ it's easy to say that man, but in reality is it 
really like that? and I have to be honest, I don't know where your coming from because... I always tell you guys don't say you understand what somebody is going through unless you have been through it.

For example, 1- somebody comes to me to say I've lost a sibling who was supposed to be born but I never got to meet them, I can relate and I can understand because 'In The Moment Of Now' is dedicated to my little sister who I never got to meet.) 

2- If somebody told me about a miscarriage or something else my approach would be "No I cannot identify with you BUT I can comfort you because I haven't been through that".

3- Somebody says they have hit rock bottom before, I cannot truly say I have hit rock bottom, rock rock bottom. I have hit rock bottom to a level but everybody's rock bottom is different, some folks rock bottoms are softer than others. When you realize how they hit rock bottom and what your rock bottom looks like you will be like "Yup you stronger than me, we both hit rock bottom and much respect to our individual rock bottoms but it impacted us in different ways."

" You will not realize how hitting a rock bottom feels for some folks but you will come to understand that it impacts us in different ways, in different aspects of our lives, the ways that we think afterwards, the way that we relate and things like      that ! "

I hope you all enjoyed that, thank you for your support ! 
       - Pebble$ x

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Motivation #1

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Monday, June 8, 2015


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