Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gold #YoungYears

           Hey Everybody.

    As I promised I’m back to blogging and I will try blogging more often now so long as you share with others.
   It is much appreciated. 

   Before I share the throwback poem there are a few things I would like to put out there, as I said in my recent uploads 
  from the 2nd anniversary of Pebble$, by the way you should check them out at

   For summer 2014 I’m looking for photographers, artists, music folks like singers, rappers etc as well as folks who would 
   like their music to be played. I believe this would be a way to show both mine and your content.

  I’m not sure what exactly I will be doing with all your talent so far but when the time comes, I will make a contact available 
  for you & information on what’s next.

  Please leave a comment below if you are within one of the groups I have mentioned, and if you would be interested.

  Thank You,


Gold is a color you can never forget
Lights up the room always
Brightens up your days you never forget
Shines through the windows clearly
Have it for special times
You can always make armor with it
Find it on a treasure hunt or as a gift
Sometimes right in front of you
Ready or waiting to be picked
You can wear it and show off or for fashion
You make jewels with it or just to accessorize


          Copyright © 2014 PebblesWroteIt

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