Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oppressor's Realization {Part II}

" When you felt that your place in authority would be forever and allowed yourself to be in need of making other's feel insignificant a wake up call would be made with the recipient being none other than yourself. "

He is the brotha that you talked down to 
You treat him like a lesser being because of a paycheck 
Your gross income surpasses his revenue 
He is now the inferior because the ideology got to your head 
A brotha gotta endure this model behavior 
Just because you got a college degree and a fat cheque
Pat yourself on the back, you must feel like a G.

He's already accumulated more I O U's than you've had in your lifetime
He's probably smarter but that don't matter
Always thought that he was dumb, you never knew his IQ
A brotha's struggles never seem to end
It's a long term depression gotta break that mentality
It's real funny what life can take from a person
Lady what would you do if tomorrow you woke up 
And there had been some sort of role reversal

He was in your position, and you in his 
Maybe this would make you understand things better 
Understand that a man's story should not be based on his beginning but rather his end 
For the riches now possessed were once rags 
You wouldn't blame a brotha if he tried to get you back 
Maybe in an attempt to get an apology out of you
Or to make you see things, may not always be forever
And that so called cashflow you got will eventually end
'Cause when you get called home you going back the way you came

Without nothing but yourself to account for 
A brotha's scaring you making you come to the reality 
That in due season you'll be living Ecclesiastes 5:15

That is my word and poetry presented for you to be blessed as you will, I hope you enjoyed reading that 
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                                                             From yours truly, Pebble$ x 

     Copyright © 2013 PebblesWroteIt

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