Monday, August 5, 2013

Hope Is Here

You see all the chains that try to bind you 
Thinking how you're going to break loose 

Everything seems to be locking you down 
In this trial we will have tears and, sorrows 

But eventually smiles and freedom will come

Times made you feel you couldn't carry on 
Those that surrounded you filled with so much negativity 
Best thing to do was break away 
Where the spirit of the Lord is 

Evil does not prevail

His presence and guidance is what kept you 
Light the torch and keep running with it 
Though the pains of life, may get you down 

                 The love of God, will keep you standing 
                His guidance, his favor will give you strength
               It's the way he shows mercy that will amaze you 
             None can love you like him, 
            A love that gives despite your wrong 

                                                                       When hope is lost, and the storms of life rage 

                                                                           It is in him our souls find peace 
                                                                    Faith is the main key at times to unlock the blessings untold 
                                                              With a word that shows us nothing less than the truth

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