Thursday, August 15, 2013

Callin Out !

One of my newest compositions which captures the thought of an individual daily and frequently noted in a diary, throughout taking note of these events and thoughts she constantly mentions Dear Diary, this shows how a diary is used to take in all the individual sees from their perspective. Enjoy! 


I hope to open your eyes
For everything that could have gone blurry
For all the days it could have proved to be true 
They're happy. They have freedom
Dear diary they have freedom
They have happiness, 
Where their frights take flight and their worries are carried away on 

Red lorry, Yellow lorry, Blue lorry, Green !
They have lullabies diary 
Dear diary they have lorries, they have no worries
Dear diary they have no worries
They are free, they are good
Dear diary they sit and they sink
Dear diary they sit and they sink

Dear diary they have worries, they have worries 
Dear diary they have worries 
No longer taken on red lorries yellow lorries 
No lorries more
They are great people but they do not know how to comprehend
Dear diary they do not know how to comprehend
They go on with the motive, let's do this 
Let's do this!!
Dear diary they say let's do this

They are driven, constructive no space for destruction
Dear diary you hear that, they have no space for destruction
Nor corruption, nothing to corrupt the SoundCloud or the hard drive
Dear diary they are alone

They are alone dear diary
Dear diary they are alone ..

        Copyright © 2013 PebblesWroteIt

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