Tuesday, June 4, 2013

! Brutal .. Snippet

You think to look back and wonder why being you was so hard 
Why a world so big would hate on little you
Why would a dude think to cheat the trophy with the sideline stone
Why do you care to think about the criticism
When there are people out there dying from the silent racism
Stitch the haters and stitch the backbites 
With their packages of insecurities
Didn't want your man or lady friend
And I don't look to steal what I have no interest in
Pay no mind to the informant 
Promise to lead a life in the directions that progresses forward
For all the folk that tried to break you .. remind them they were placed on rewind
Because you had no intention to place them elsewhere 
Where the brotha wastes time on a parasite that only looks to drain
The sista constantly places potential candidates on hold
Whilst turning heads of Adams who could only love Steves

To say your sun is set in place amongst the backdrop of the blue skies
But no good, do I see within your salutations 
Proceeding from your mouth like Good Mornings and Good Afternoons
Search your heart for no good rests amongst the game you play
The game juggling false happiness
Where muscles exert no energy for you to smile
In plain terms your smile should be placed upside down
Your words placed and refreshed like the F5 key
They claim to talk truth and nothing but 

# PainIsABrutalFriend

      Copyright © 2013 PebblesWroteIt

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