Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Snip .5 ..

And sometimes I guess I don't know what to say so I,
End up seeming like I'm repeating myself to make conversation
But it's really not like that 
See I respect you and I know your human 
I'm human .. we all humans together but
I just need to clarify one thing 
Because if you are my friend, I must clarify 
I must be able to understand, comprehend
Is there something in your life worth some sort of value 
That resembles a pretty girl called Trina with 
A nice, mean a** demeanor 
Yeah I know you'd take rounds and battle for her in the arena
There's this pretty young thing called Sharae just trust me 
I see since you met her all the sudden rain  
I've seen her run off your dream
See the sun doesn't come out no more 
It's just the cold hearts rain, storming
That's right we reaping what we sowing 
Now it's time to leave, to breath .. relieve yourself 
Understand, appreciate, compound interest or it depreciates 
I'll be the beginning the end 
The winner, the loser, the start the finish 
I am the paragraph, the space, the hyphen, the exclamation 
I have brought some of the happiest moments in your life period 
And maybe some of the saddest memories 
Never meant to make you cry but 
I can't help it if your so good a friend .. I'd miss you 
I had kissed you, missed you and dissed you 
At times I had pushed you aside, pushed you away 
So sometimes it has all broken down 


          Copyright © 2013 PebblesWroteIt

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