Thursday, May 30, 2013

# Just Sayin'

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

They Were ... ??

They laughed at her for being different 
Too narrow minded to observe or question 
To wonder what more was within the intricate design 
They were too fast to judge 
If there was one thing you could do 
Please don't judge the sista based on outward appearance 
They never tried to work out the configuration before jumping to ..
Inconclusive answer, answers that needed more working out
Their laughs hit her heart so hard 
They were not one or two they were in groups 
Never saw their faces, she who was too hurt to see the outside world 
Too silent to break silence so she had thoughts circulating her mind 
Why did everything seem to be based on what met the eye ? 
Was it the insecurity, that made you manufacturer to such harsh comment 
Dealer to the drugs that made those around you feel good .. 
About placing another in long term misery 
One to make more clones of yourselves 
Raising another insecure generation of laughing bullies 
Who verbally abuse and tarnish the emotions of others 
Just to place themselves in a state of temporary euphoria
Like a case of I sing a song of sixpence 
There ain't much you got on me 
but a case of verbal diarrhea and an attitude that reeks 
Somebody open up a window and let diffusion take its course 

She understands moving in groups made it easier to judge
Too scared to take individual blame 
So y'all carry it together
Easier to hide insecurity in the midst of the fiery furnace 
Blazing like a fool who caught his a** on fire 
Like a child too smart to listen to kind words of precaution 
And as always got his finger burnt in the process 
She can try to forgive and forget 
But she knows you'll just come back around 
Stampede on her kind gesture and forget so quickly 
Forgetting who nearly made you kill yourself in the process of.. 
Running .. the other day 
Y'all go on just crushing happiness 
Making one sacrifice their righteousness for insanity 
Take one to heights that could see them endangering themself 
Run away love before they get you 

They were mad hatters never in the right state of mind 
Individuals so confused they made Mr. Bean look organized 
Such inadequacy they appeared as unprepared terrorists
Unloaded ammunition ?! , I think its about time y'all got what comes around 

#MadHattersNotInTheRightStateOfMind ..

Hope you enjoyed reading this piece ! 


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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

God Said So.

The only thing playing in my mind right now 
Show me what you're made of and 
I'll show you what I can do cause 
You see my promises are forever true 
I don't back down or give up on
Any of my children ...
You are all so little, yet so large 
And precious to me and hold a place in my heart 
So long as you believe, you still have the key 
But even for a second if you doubt 
You retain the key but the lock is now changed
So will you believe and be at rest 
Or will you allow yourself and your mind to run
To run free in worry 
Trust me for the rest ..
You can leave that up to me 

Stay Blessed Y'all !! 

Pebble$ x 

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Looking Back To Move Forward

Once a girl now a young lady 
Looking back in comparison to my now 
Remembering the times when my hardest decision 
Was whether to go with the strawberry or tropical popsicle 
Not to say I wanted to go back to that time but 
To wish that I didn't grow up so fast .. for even myself 
It's days and memories like these that make me 
Understand that no struggle would be permanent 
And what felt like an eternity of waiting 
Was just hours or minutes to him 
It was not the believing that was hard 
It was the where, when & how long ??
Felt like waiting in a queue to the bathroom at the mall 
I had hit a rock so large it wasn't just my foot but 
My whole body just slammed into it 
Like I had pushed hard on the brakes at a red light and 
Set the hydrolics 
It took a 20 year milestone
To make me understand the concept; 
The distance between that pain and this victory 
It took that same journey for me to understand that 
Nothing I had been through was wasted
Life went from choosing popsicles to choosing 
The direction I wanted my life to go for the next 20 
To be stuck in what could be ?? or 
Wake up to the reality of all possibilities 
To pick oneself up and strive for excellence
Hoping the next 20 year milestone would spell a "Well Done"
In bright lights 
I could finally look to those years and tell myself I made it 

                     .. x x

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Snip .5 ..

And sometimes I guess I don't know what to say so I,
End up seeming like I'm repeating myself to make conversation
But it's really not like that 
See I respect you and I know your human 
I'm human .. we all humans together but
I just need to clarify one thing 
Because if you are my friend, I must clarify 
I must be able to understand, comprehend
Is there something in your life worth some sort of value 
That resembles a pretty girl called Trina with 
A nice, mean a** demeanor 
Yeah I know you'd take rounds and battle for her in the arena
There's this pretty young thing called Sharae just trust me 
I see since you met her all the sudden rain  
I've seen her run off your dream
See the sun doesn't come out no more 
It's just the cold hearts rain, storming
That's right we reaping what we sowing 
Now it's time to leave, to breath .. relieve yourself 
Understand, appreciate, compound interest or it depreciates 
I'll be the beginning the end 
The winner, the loser, the start the finish 
I am the paragraph, the space, the hyphen, the exclamation 
I have brought some of the happiest moments in your life period 
And maybe some of the saddest memories 
Never meant to make you cry but 
I can't help it if your so good a friend .. I'd miss you 
I had kissed you, missed you and dissed you 
At times I had pushed you aside, pushed you away 
So sometimes it has all broken down 


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