Thursday, March 7, 2013

What Is This ?

What Is This ?
 We Stand Around Waiting 
  For Our Lives And Ways To Be Given Moderation
   Alone In Misery Without Conversation
    Your Fellow Man And Woman
     Have Heads Held Up High In The Skies
      The Finest Wines They Say Have Not Touched Your Lips 
       Pause .. And Laugh Their Ignorance Is Bliss 
        What Has Made You, You
          Does Not Lie In The Finest Of Wines
         The Expense Of Fancy Restaurants
        The Biggest Wine Collections 
       Or The Penthouses Of Monaco
     Dare I Mention The Loss Of Touch With Reality
   We, Here In A World Where We Fend For Ours
 Taxman Looking For His Cut Out My Paycheck
And You Tryna Take Your Cut Out My Everything
What's Left Their Cut From My Refrigerator ??

  Copyright © 2013 PebblesWroteIt

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