Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Y'is Heard !!

Yo I'm that chick 
Yup the one you forgot in the VA 
No I am not your regular 
In fact I am the one with joke for my fellow man 
That's how we keepin it .. appear on the irregular basis 

Before you stored this face in your memory 

I disappeared sorry had to Roscoe Dashh 
I done did it again made you exclaim before you speak 
Emotions up too high you can't express the amazement 

Just caught the mille as you got ill now I got my own ville 

Kerching ! Was the reaction when my first contract dropped 
Lit lightbulb when I had my vision mapped in my head 
Joy unspeakable when their attempt to oppose my success failed 

Sucker punch the fool who tried to take full credit for a wise man's hard work

Epic fail when I spoke of the individual and their qualities 
And you thought I spoke of you 
Season seems right so 
Imma dunk the junkies 

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mother !!

I am lost for words to say and 
Nothing that can ever be said to a mother can be to cliche
Because everything is in context and in time 
Time will reveal the blessings that is given to such a woman
A woman so great, so loving so kind, so understanding
You didn't push me aside, you held me 

Through the months you carried me, I made you puke
You didn't push me aside, you made me hungry 
Hungry to fill my stomach up with the contents that were missing
Hungry to feed my soul of what it lacked 
Hungry to feed my heart, my mouth, my body, my soul, my mind 
But I realized with time that there was only so much 
A mother could do, so for the remainder of the things I needed

You knew just who to send my way
You knew just who to refer me too, and the paths for me to follow
One of the greatest creations of the world, Mother. 
Mother was birthed and created 
Within lies the greatest and sweetest of scents

Her petals are so delicate, she reflects light 
She stands for true holiness, she's a guardian angel of ours
With wings spread so far and wide, and big
She is a beautiful creature .. she is a mother 
She is an all in one, she does not have time set aside for complaints
She has complaints but she does not dwell on them 
She looks to solve, to comfort, and 
When she is needed most, she is there

When her children push her aside she is still there 
When her children dug holes much deeper, she was still there !
Giving a guiding hand, giving words of wisdom
" Please dear child, I do not beg you but advise you do not
dig your holes much deeper for you will soon tip off the edge,
into something I cannot pull you out of. "

I doesn't matter whether she can or cannot sing 
What proceeds out of her mouth, like a symphony
In synchrony, the melodies of life 
Your mother is never really wrong 
Her instinct is what makes her seem such an over-worried woman at times 
But it's just her love for her child, her children

She is loving
She is able to see things from the viewpoint of her children
She is patient, she is able to be unlimited yet, set boundaries
Her love cannot be compared, likewise a father's love
She is disciplined, she brings out the best in us 
She is ready to be peed, pooped and puked on 
She has a balance, she is ..
A mother.

She is supportive, she is understanding and 
She is often, if not always a good listener
She's a mom, she can be a friend but she is NOT your friend
Understand that !

                   Copyright © 2013 PebblesWroteIt

Thursday, March 7, 2013

What Is This ?

What Is This ?
 We Stand Around Waiting 
  For Our Lives And Ways To Be Given Moderation
   Alone In Misery Without Conversation
    Your Fellow Man And Woman
     Have Heads Held Up High In The Skies
      The Finest Wines They Say Have Not Touched Your Lips 
       Pause .. And Laugh Their Ignorance Is Bliss 
        What Has Made You, You
          Does Not Lie In The Finest Of Wines
         The Expense Of Fancy Restaurants
        The Biggest Wine Collections 
       Or The Penthouses Of Monaco
     Dare I Mention The Loss Of Touch With Reality
   We, Here In A World Where We Fend For Ours
 Taxman Looking For His Cut Out My Paycheck
And You Tryna Take Your Cut Out My Everything
What's Left Their Cut From My Refrigerator ??

  Copyright © 2013 PebblesWroteIt

Monday, March 4, 2013

" 20 Year Milestone "

Hitting this 20 year milestone, it's not time to retire,
 It's time to re-level the playing field so when the next 20 years 
Are to be reviewed we can sit back and laugh & once again not
 Time to retire but re-desire things not yet accomplished. 
For now let us re-level our playing fields, review and refresh 
The roster of priorities and goals; maybe redecorate the areas 
Of our lives reaching closer to demolition and heal wounds diced
 Deeper than a samurai sword. It's time to let go and open
 Our hands to receive something much better; we had to move from where 
We were to reach where we were going. 

Pebble$ x x

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