Monday, November 19, 2012


Sometimes the best way forward is to be content 
To ease the troubles of thinking about what we don't have 
And instead appreciate what we have that another may not
It's sometimes best to think that we came into this world with nothing 
And will surely leave with nothing but our marks on the world 
Note that you may not be where you want to be today 
But you are not where you used to be, that is evidence of progress
Maybe not progress at the speed which you may want 
But a speed good enough for you to learn and appreciate what is yet to come

To think that we have food, drinks, life, sweet smelling meatloaf or whatever it may be 
Should be enough to encourage us and fill us with contentment 
It is sometimes the case where riches can get to the head of a man to an extent 
Where he is no longer quick to caution himself and falls in to all sorts 
Of temptations that eventually lead him into a web of destruction
How does it benefit you if I gave you everything you've ever wanted today 
For you to wake up tomorrow so full of sorrow 
Feeling that you had gained everything you wanted just to lose yourself
So today take a stand, a stand away from the things that do not 
Bring you peace, love, joy or happiness and 
Instead turn in the way that profits you everything and loses you nothing 
That everyday you live is another reason just to tell yourself ; 

" I made it through today, I can make it through another day. "

                                              Copyright © 2012 PebblesWroteIt

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