Friday, November 16, 2012

The first day unlike the last
The first love incomparable to the next
A feeling of butterflies that I knew would never last 
I must have tripped on my shoestrings times over 
He was the harpist to play on my heartstrings 
He looked at me and weighed the values 
What spread across and up into my cheeks 
Or the configuration nicely worked and presented 
... From head to toe 
There was a puzzle I was yet to solve 
How could I be whipped over this dude time and time again 
And how could I love him and hate him in an instant 
What was his magic, what was his craft 
I could swear he had played me so many times 
That I wouldn't know better than to let him 
But once again I could resist his package 
I liked him but I didn't love him 
I daydreamed but my eyes never fixated on him 
Thoughts of him pondered my mind 
The faintest memories felt like a mirage 
The funniest moment, a major slip 
I slipped and slid like a soul train 
When I saw him coming 
I couldn't stand to look into his pretty brown eyes 
Like mine they were lighter in the sun 
A treasure of sentimental value, 
Well at least for my recent infatuation 

I thought therefore I did not feel 
I was in brief hypnosis brought back down to earth 
By the very feelings that had taken me up 
I couldn't deny, I liked this feeling 
For a little while I wasn't me 
I was that soft centred chic 
My insides warmed as he sat down with me to have lunch 
I stared at my jello pudding like it was more interesting 
I guess he caught on because he spoke 
Oh my the way I played the melody of his voice in my head 
I replayed it to the extent I think I made a mental remix 
There was a closeness that grew between us 
He made me feel like the girl no one noticed 
Yet he made me feel like his one and only 
How could he not notice me but know my every move 
How could I feel so warmed yet I was able to act like I was cold
Was it time to come to terms that I pushed away 
In the search to be pulled back by an emotion 
Or maybe he would replace the emotion 
Maybe our feelings could be mutual 
So no presence of a dissociation constant 
Maybe we would fall in love 
I raised my head, our eyes met 
Oh boy did I feel butterflies in my stomach 
In my feet, my hands all sensations were numbed 

                                                                                          Copyright © 2012 PebblesWroteIt

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