Friday, November 30, 2012

Another One ...

Swell days doing it my way, 
New York chic dreams of being a boss 
Living the life now but the attention is expensive 
So my man gotta stay out of it 
Imma have to apologize to all the men in my life 
At this point kinda left me heart-broke 
Love y'all truly but I gotta leave y'all before it's too late 

Phase II, Future chics wasting they lives at the bay 
While I jerk my life away 
Men's know not to take a pick at me 
Cause I have you fighting your heart out 
Your lesson ain't finished til you pass out 
I take the cake 
Cause you get off the icing 
Cherry and vanilla oooohhh I 
Just took you to the Philippines location .. Manila !

                          Copyright © 2012 PebblesWroteIt

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Yes ! You Can Do It ..

If you have the desire 
You have the ability to achieve it 
So you have to ensure that you think 
With a broadened and open mind 
Think with the mind of an entrepreneur, 
A developer, an investor 
You must have the ability to see what 
Can't be seen with a normal mind 
You must think so that you can feel 
Sometimes your haters see your potential 
Much more clearer than you can see it for yourself 
So when they delay and try to change your mind 
You think they're doing you some good 
Whilst they are cutting you short of seeing the end result 

Now you have to be the one to realize 

That your end is not where you stand 
There is no way that you will die in the same 
Small-minded mindset that you started off with 
If you were destined to be the inspiration for 
Other minds to gain ideas and create the impossible

                                                                                             Copyright © 2012 PebblesWroteIt

Monday, November 19, 2012


Sometimes the best way forward is to be content 
To ease the troubles of thinking about what we don't have 
And instead appreciate what we have that another may not
It's sometimes best to think that we came into this world with nothing 
And will surely leave with nothing but our marks on the world 
Note that you may not be where you want to be today 
But you are not where you used to be, that is evidence of progress
Maybe not progress at the speed which you may want 
But a speed good enough for you to learn and appreciate what is yet to come

To think that we have food, drinks, life, sweet smelling meatloaf or whatever it may be 
Should be enough to encourage us and fill us with contentment 
It is sometimes the case where riches can get to the head of a man to an extent 
Where he is no longer quick to caution himself and falls in to all sorts 
Of temptations that eventually lead him into a web of destruction
How does it benefit you if I gave you everything you've ever wanted today 
For you to wake up tomorrow so full of sorrow 
Feeling that you had gained everything you wanted just to lose yourself
So today take a stand, a stand away from the things that do not 
Bring you peace, love, joy or happiness and 
Instead turn in the way that profits you everything and loses you nothing 
That everyday you live is another reason just to tell yourself ; 

" I made it through today, I can make it through another day. "

                                              Copyright © 2012 PebblesWroteIt

Friday, November 16, 2012

The first day unlike the last
The first love incomparable to the next
A feeling of butterflies that I knew would never last 
I must have tripped on my shoestrings times over 
He was the harpist to play on my heartstrings 
He looked at me and weighed the values 
What spread across and up into my cheeks 
Or the configuration nicely worked and presented 
... From head to toe 
There was a puzzle I was yet to solve 
How could I be whipped over this dude time and time again 
And how could I love him and hate him in an instant 
What was his magic, what was his craft 
I could swear he had played me so many times 
That I wouldn't know better than to let him 
But once again I could resist his package 
I liked him but I didn't love him 
I daydreamed but my eyes never fixated on him 
Thoughts of him pondered my mind 
The faintest memories felt like a mirage 
The funniest moment, a major slip 
I slipped and slid like a soul train 
When I saw him coming 
I couldn't stand to look into his pretty brown eyes 
Like mine they were lighter in the sun 
A treasure of sentimental value, 
Well at least for my recent infatuation 

I thought therefore I did not feel 
I was in brief hypnosis brought back down to earth 
By the very feelings that had taken me up 
I couldn't deny, I liked this feeling 
For a little while I wasn't me 
I was that soft centred chic 
My insides warmed as he sat down with me to have lunch 
I stared at my jello pudding like it was more interesting 
I guess he caught on because he spoke 
Oh my the way I played the melody of his voice in my head 
I replayed it to the extent I think I made a mental remix 
There was a closeness that grew between us 
He made me feel like the girl no one noticed 
Yet he made me feel like his one and only 
How could he not notice me but know my every move 
How could I feel so warmed yet I was able to act like I was cold
Was it time to come to terms that I pushed away 
In the search to be pulled back by an emotion 
Or maybe he would replace the emotion 
Maybe our feelings could be mutual 
So no presence of a dissociation constant 
Maybe we would fall in love 
I raised my head, our eyes met 
Oh boy did I feel butterflies in my stomach 
In my feet, my hands all sensations were numbed 

                                                                                          Copyright © 2012 PebblesWroteIt

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kindergarten to College

Not too long ago I was in your shoes 
3 years old long curly gold-brown hair
Attending kindergarten 
Then progressed onto elementary school 
Got through to junior high; 
Things got better and my grades less embarrassing. 
Then came senior high, had its ups and downs but 
I sailed through now doing big things 
In college tryna fight for my place
Show that I'm worth the fight, 
The story continues .... 

                                                                                        Copyright © 2012 PebblesWroteIt

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My President ... #anotherterm

I'm so happy that President Barack Obama, was elected for another term. I trust that he will not disappoint his country but rather reconstruct and solidify current foundations of those who felt that four years was enough to judge his abilities. I feel he did a great job and has more great work to come. 

- What a beautiful 1st Family !!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Past Happenings ♥

She didn't mean to make a brotha feel alien
When she said or did things,
Past happenings have caused her to react
The way she does unconsciously
And once again she apologizes
You had to be her to fit these sweats
These sweats, these weights 
That she has been forced to carry
Due to no fault of her own

            Copyright © 2012 PebblesWroteIt