Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lay Your Heart Here ...

Give me your hand 
A tool of success, evidence of hard work 
A hold of integrity
Reach a multitude, shake the masses
Meet and greet with a lost soul
Assurance of dealership without procrastination
Y'eah keep the customer happy
A strong individual beyond human measure
Riches that can't be defined by coins ..
But by the integrity of a heart
Benefits gained by the immense effort of such skillful appendages
In these hands I see a strong grasp that once kept a man alive
I see what was once rags has now become a currency
One you possess in many accounts 
I see my motto in you
 " Merchant by trade but servant by heart "
You're running your race to benefit others 
Trying to be something great and useful to your world
An unforgettable memory within the minds of your folks 

                                                                                                Copyright © 2012 PebblesWroteIt

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