Monday, July 30, 2012

Your Own Cause ?

Hey there little miss
Yo little girl walking down Mississippi way
What did you bring for a brotha this time?
Hope everything but a jail term  ...
Maybe you got a little money
To get me through the week
Something to give me hope
Of seeing next week
A gift perhaps
My birthday was last week
I got older but didn’t feel any wiser
I mean, I tell people the solution
To my problems is more money
Though now I realize
The root of my Kush addiction was the money
What I’m recovering from

They call withdrawal symptoms
Problem is
I don’t remember withdrawing anything
You ask why I’m telling you all of this
Maybe it’s my ignorance to face reality
So I need two open ears
To hear my dilemma
She calls me intelligent fool
Despising my stupidity
Telling me to smell the roses
Sorry love I don’t know much about affection
Care to educate me
She has a busy schedule ??
Rub my eyes, she’s no girl
A woman beyond imagination
Excuse me miss you wanna get married ?
She laughed at me, for a second …
Who was I ... and, what was so funny

Did I just attempt verbal suicide?
Or wealthy thug creeped in
Well case of marmite you love or hate it
In a state of utter confusion
That’s what she put me in
I can’t think of what was next in line
For conversation need to know why
She was talking to me
But wait I’m straight hood and …
She all proper and all la that   
Will she ever understand me?
Ok I’ll propose with the Haribo and
Get the diamond one later

                     Copyright © 2012 PebblesWroteIt

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