Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Isaac Actually Came Before Ishmael

In today's post what I want to acually talk about is a conversation I had the other day with a friend about how we as people have progressed through life and trying to distinguish, those who have been able to discover more about our past and how we have been mistreated through time. In finding that, those who have made the best discoveries and challenged the notion are black muslims, I didn't want to totally agree with that.  I realize that in some cases what has happened is it has been black muslims who believed that if Christianity is what was imposed on them by the slave masters then that means that it was a "religion" to suppress them and make them feel subject to some kind of treatment different from the way that the slave masters would have practiced Christianity and therefore some converted to islam. We can now establish that the slave masters most likely did not practice Christianity properly, but used it to twist scriptures to favor their wrongdoing and to somehow justify slavery in a man-made light. 

Then we proceed in conversation, if Ishmael had not been born of Abraham there is a possibility that the tribe or the group of people who had been birthed from his lineage would probably not have much authority in today's society but because they had been born of a great man, Abraham. Whether deserving or undeserving Ishmael took part of that blessing and therefore we now have the Arabs and Middle Eastern who are excelling in their business, are successful in life and are prospering. While we also as Christians benefit because we are Isaac, what must be understood - the way that I see it and what it means for me. As the Isaac of my father, us as the Isaacs of our Father are trying to take back and reiterate that we are the rightful children of purpose, that if Abraham had been patient enough he would have and He still did receive us, his child of promise. 

We are the rightful children of the house, we are official - we are birthed of the mother of the house whilst the Ishmaels are birthed of the woman that was given in desperation and in a way a disobedience. It is our position not to make anybody seem like they are of less worth than others but rather state, there is a rightful position in order to gain the inheritance that is rightfully meant for you. In order to gain this you must first understand your history. If it so claimed that those who follow islam, your faith follows that of your father and is not determined by your mother.. then really it is the God of Abraham that should be followed and not the possible gods or idols of Hagar that Ishmael followed by. I'm not a deep person of theology but I am learning more with my journey in life and getting to know God on my own level and in my own journey and understanding His worth in my life.

The title was "Isaac Actually Came Before Ishmael" and what that explores is that although Ishmael may have been physically conceived first, Isaac was conceived in the mind of God and therefore conceived in the mind of Abraham and Sarah first before Ishmael was birthed. I say that to say this, sometimes we as people have first of all seen the coming and the birth of our visions and our dreams before they manifest. It may takes years before they manifest BUT we must also understand that, just because somebody might have taken a fast lane or been able to get to that finish line before us that does not nullify the manifestation and completion of our blessings, our dreams and visions coming to pass. It may be seen that, that person is celebrated before you and even more than you but that shouldn't rule the way in which you live your life and alter your attitude which can affect your level of gratitude which can hinder you from receiving your reward. 

So you may feel like the Ishmael's of life are getting to the finish line before you, being birthed and being recognized before you. You must also remember as Isaac you are a person of promise, your visions are seeds of promise as long as you have the faith enough to be patient that one day nope let me correct that, TODAY. Today you will get to the finish line too ! 

The today in your future, which is the today in that moment which you raise your hands and give glory to testify that, that seed has been birthed is your Isaac moment. That is the moment you say, "I was promised this, I saw this in my mind so I could have it" and as long as you can perceive that you are a person of promise, a person of destiny with a purpose. It doesn't matter how many times people propose that they can try and do things for you, you keep on being filled with purpose because every step that you take in growing despite how painful it is, is on purpose. It is on purpose so you stay on purpose to see the finish line of your purpose. So in fact you are the Isaac that was birthed out of promise and promises are not made to be broken therefore you were birthed before the Ishmael's of life so don't let that get you down at all !

Pebble$ could you answer one question for me, why did you have to start off with black muslims, and religion and slave masters and the story of Abraham?

- If I get started on breaking down the deeper meanings of this post which show various displacements it will only get longer so connect with me on Twitter // Facebook & I will try to make the conversation more fruitful.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dear Pebble$ : 002

January 24, 2017 

Dear Pebble$,

Going forward into 2017 there are some things I would like you to consider and improve on. There is a greatness in you that may be concealed rather than shared with some and I know that there are some mistakes that you have been able to highlight. If they were bold enough to be noticed by a highlighter then girl you need to change it or improve it.

  • Learning to listen carefully.
  • Speak louder.
  • Read questions properly, because you have too much intellect to miss out on what you want to say
  • Stop holding back and doubting before it even happens.
  • Get out of your comfort zone; reason why I say this is because, many times I have got out of it and then sometimes I just revert back to my old homebody ways. Not so much, not doing the unexpected but going back into my comfort. I go out and come back into it, I'm on this train of I guess what you can use to define many of us in life - extroverted introverts. You have that extroverted energy in you but sometimes you got to be introverted or some situations cause you to seem introverted or awaken the introvert in you.
  • Remember to PUSH as you grow closer to God
  • Stop saying you'll do things. keep silent and just do it but do inform where necessary e.g. in matters relating your book. 
  • There's an eagle hiding inside of you, she doesn't fly.. she soars, she doesn't do the ordinary.. her steps are ordered.
  • Relearn how to speak to people, you're going to meet new people this year and connect with people you've known on a different level so activate the intellectual artist with a hilarious personality. 
  • Make space for growth. Growth, Growth, Growth in everything.
  • All your needs are met, your drive is set so don't let finances hinder anything. Be smart though 😁 😁 
  • Be at peace. How many times have you been witness to calm when you should have felt the storm.. too many times to count !
  • Preparation shows that something is in the oven, hopefully you will not forget that. 
  • Don't dwell on the 'Before' photos of life, perceive the 'After' photos of achievements.
  • Doubt and fear are two besties that you do not want to entertain, remember that UPS package you sent to 2016 at 23:59 on Dec 31, 2016. They were in that box let them stay there !

These are the thoughts that I will keep in mind and all of my changes for the new year. I hope you have been welcomed into 2017 nicely, I challenge you to pick on things you need to improve and let's achieve greater things together. 

Much Love, 

The Chica You Best Believe That!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

God Ain't Playin Wit Chu

Happy New Year as I welcome you into a new kind of year, with a new attitude and new start. Hellur Week #2 of 2017 I made it, we made it ! Yes I did almost crack with a foot on Doubting Thomas Ave. for a second but I called that foot back and remembered this post. I am so very sure that you are wondering what this title is about, we shall proceed on that very subject but is you ready? 

"This is about to gas your tank all the way up for the ride of your life through 2017 and life will never be the same again." 

I already started giving fuel to my Instagram friends by letting them know that 2017 is the year to be unapologetically YOU. Stand in what you believe in and what you believe in will never cease to give you the energy and strength to keep on going. This is the year to place your trust in God both in the times when you know what to expect and the times when you have to take a seat and allow results that are greater than you can imagine, happen. Trusting in God will mean that you have to be fully persuaded in the scope of His ability, of His capabilities; this includes the knowledge and continual grasping that you indeed have a purpose to life, a purpose to achieve and a reason to every season that you go through. If you haven't searched for your purpose, run wild through the fields of life in search for it and let nobody hinder you. Grow closer to your creator and allow him to guide your steps, do not be afraid to ask questions or make the wrong turns on your journey. When you leave something in his hands to take care of, do not sweat it, do not doubt if factors like time bring your faith into question but rather remember who is in control of your situation for He never fails.

You must be fully persuaded that whatever you want to achieve this year is possible and will happen. You cannot allow time or finances to work against you, you can't allow those things to limit you. Whatever needs to happen will happen and it will happen right on time just keep doing what you have to do. Put in the work, give it time, be committed, be committed to seeing it happen and not letting go of your dream(s) or your vision(s) until you see the reality of it. Keep on keepin on in your confessions, in your prayer, in your drive, in your faith, in your walk, put a little bounce and attitude in your step and keep you head held up high. If the enemy is going to come at you let him know that as long as your faith and belief in God is concerned he'll have to go through God first. When you get to this level and you keep pressing on in believing that something has got to happen, something needs to shift to make way for the reality of your dreams it will take a whole lot for anything to make you turn back and forget all that your determination has been building. 

Get to know your creator, spend mornings with Him in meditation, in conversation and even in silence because that will create an opportunity for him to renew all your vitals - physically, emotionally & mentally. All of you has to be ready to be unapologetically you, to be confident in your stride, in your decisions and through the mental communicating to your emotional to re-energize your physical.. to keep you going ! You are fighting to make yours happen, you cannot let somebody else take your spot because you doubted at the last minute or forgot the persuasion needed for others to believe in you too.  

As many like to refer to him as the Universe let's make this a little more relatable. If you believe that the Universe has those thing in the works for you, then it's yours. You can't receive all of that support and reassurance then continue seeing a defeated image, it just can't happen. Let the reassurance that the Universe has your back be your reason to keep your eyes on your goals so much that you see beyond the obstacles that you encounter, so much that you never see any challenge as being bigger than the Universe in all its entirety.   

Taking you through all of that, is also a personal message for me too. I have feared for so long that all it brought me was nothing, all it did was make me uncomfortable and limited. In 2017, being unapologetically me means to believe that whatever I want in life is mine for the taking and anything that I set my mind to do must be achieved.. no turning back ! It means learning a process of appreciating what I have understanding that I can work with it and achieve those goals, understanding that my every need is met. Not allowing what is not available to me, to stop me from seeing beyond the circumstance. For me if I doubt for a second it could cost me bigger opportunities and the chance to fight bigger battles. 

Doubt and fear are Besties who are ready to steal your every opportunity. They will do that in 2017 by making you look back and base your progression on your before and not the possibility of your after. Ain't no time or room for that, so instead you should keep it moving and reflect on whatever lessons you have learnt through life and manifest them NOW, in your present. Start using those lessons to practice the reality of the man you want to become, to practice the greatness of the woman that has been placed within for you to flourish into. 

With all of that said, you can't afford to question whether God is ready to bless you or not, the blessing is already yours what you talking about. Ch'mon ! Just as He takes your faith in Him seriously, just as he sees the passion burning inside of you and hope being your constant drive, you should also take yourself and your goals seriously. Take your walk with Him seriously because a destiny and purpose are not things to joke with, they are not mere matters to be weighed in contemplation but to desire in completion of a journey. The resources to make things happen are attached to those goals, make sure to run with the full belief that yours will be discovered as you keep on keepin on. Do not waste your resources by doubting, do not lose them through fear, do not run from them because you can't believe that the reality is yours but run with them and utilize them.

When you focus on what's behind you, you forget the wider, clearer and more serene view in front of you. There's a reason why the field of view in front of you is wider than that which is behind. If you focus on the rear view you are NOT ready to move forward and you will surely be left behind while others overtake you in the fast lane of life. The overtakers are those 

who want to pick up some speed and run further with their dreams and visions in life. Which one are you?

If you've been looking to start a relationship with him and you don't know how, this is the time to ask. As the saying goes ASK for him - A-sk and you shall be answered, S-eek and you will find Him & K-nock and the door shall be opened. You start a journey with him by wanting those three things, 1. to be answered 2. to find Him & 3. to have the door of your heart opened for Him to reveal Himself to you.

-  God Ain't Playin Wit Chu In 2017, 
He Ain't Down For You Settling For Less Than Your Worth !  - 

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 Reads : Pebble$

Books That I Read

1. The Empress : Paul-Loup Sultizer

2. Working With Emotional Intelligence : Daniel Goleman

3. A Bad Case of Stripes : David Shannon

4. God's Generals: The Roaring Reformers : Roberts Liardon

The Empress 
Hannah Newman is 'The Empress' she is a wealthy woman, she has fought for all she has despite people thinking the contrary because she is attractive. She is head-strong in her decisions and how she manages her life, business and personal matters. She is empowering but at some intervals she made me feel like I shouldn't be reading this book, it was a little too intimate but I learnt some things in light of holding your own and not making her mistakes in my life. 

Working With Emotional Intelligence
Whether you are the janitor or the PA, the mail-room girl or team manager, the board of executives or the CEO; you have to be accountable and you have to work without a chip on your shoulder. I also wrote two blog posts about this book, click the links below:
Emotionally Intelligent? Pt.1
Emotionally Intelligent? Pt.2

A Bad Case Of Stripes
This was one of my very first reads of 2016 and I even wrote a blog post about it. Each of us are Camilla Cream, no matter what we feel that we do or do not struggle to face in life. My favorite part in this book is being able to recognize that most times the solution to the chaos we face in our lives can be found within ourselves we just need to stand back and take the time to search for those answers and quiet places within. You can read that post by clicking on the link below:
Chew On A Lima Bean Some Time ?!

God's Generals: The Roaring Reformers
This book was given to me a few years ago, due to its thickness I kept placing it closer to the bottom of my To-Reads pile of books until earlier this summer I really wanted to read it to challenge myself. Little did I know that this book would really challenge my faith and educate me on how far man's relationship with God has been tested, questioned, mocked, twisted, silenced, killed and in some instances caused him to be rejected by the whole of society including those who should have been on their team. If you want to understand how privileged you are as a child of God to be able to exercise your right to worship and gather in His name you need to read this book. This book is the best history lesson you can get as a child of God, a book to kick you in your butt! If this does not challenge and comfort you to be uncompromising in your walk with God in these last days of 2016 and beyond then I don't know what will. You will be persecuted child, oh you sure will be persecuted BUT God has your back in all ways.. Always!

2016 has been amazing year, I'm sure you can tell how much I enjoyed it in my "Dear Pebble$ : 001" letter. I have enjoyed this journey so far 2016 was supposed to be filled with bountiful blessings and opportunities to take as my own and that is exactly what manifested. I Carpe Diem-ed all over this year despite little personal improvements I had to make it all worked out. This is my last blog post of 2016, oh my my my. I look forward to engaging with you all in conversation in 2017, remain blessed and make sure you squeeze every last drop of goodness out of 2016. 

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of my readers over these past four years, it has been a pleasure to have your time and to write these posts. What have you enjoyed the most about my blog, what do you look forward to & include any improvements? 

Stay Blessed Everybody !
Pebble$ x 

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dear Pebble$ : 001

December 13, 2016 

Dear Pebble$,

I have had so many ideas lately. I want to achieve so much and even though my present doesn't reflect where I would like to be right now, I know those days are on their way and they will surely manifest themselves. Appreciate you enriching my mind to keep me going, keeping me informed and constantly challenging me to learn. Also in places where I don't know how to approach something you always got me looking for ways to learn about it. 

2016 took me on a journey of emotions, I learnt about me and how free I wanted to be, this was made possible by starting my first journal. I grew closer to God, so you can only imagine how much my life improved. I desire for greater things ahead and I have added more goals to my list of things to accomplish in life the list of "You Actually Think You Can Achieve These, Go On With Your Wild Self". I realize that I can no longer allow life dictate how I feel, how I react and how I get back up from being knocked down. Your resilience is the secret to becoming the great woman you wish to be, you are an achiever beyond the current view that is in sight and other people should feel that way around you. 2017 is going to open the floodgates of blessings so you better believe God has got some goods for you in that flow, you have to act like His child - know your rights, your entitlements, the impossibilities He can make possible. Encourage your friends to believe the same, share the blessings with them, oh and you see that book you're writing the enemy doesn't want you to publish that book so take that however you will. Don't give up! 

You said you would travel, and you did. You finally filmed your Love Apparatus responses despite the breeze amplifying its harmonies. You've progressed with book planning and the reading that's necessary and now we need to sort out what's left. Your aim in life is to go to your grave empty right?! And I'm proud of you for taking steps to continually share what you have to give and using your voice where you can.

Your accomplishments this year include being an active part of the communities that have welcomed you in, despite only joining both this year, Twitter and Instagram. You read & finished 'God's Generals' gifted to you because somebody thought you were a revolutionary in your own way. Planning and selection for your book. Growth as a writer. I look forward to seeing more growth in 2017, learning more and sharing my journey with you.

I went to a new height with God, I took the planning for my book further, I found new ways to improve myself and expand my mind continuously. I took actions to show that I really want what I said I wanted and even got back from being knocked down like a domino several times. I am sooo happy for all of these things because I said in my 2015 In Review that these were the things I wanted to accomplish in 2016. When you believe and confess, look at what happens. 

I really needed my parents this year and they were there for me, a lot of decisions they encouraged me to take this year led me to meeting amazing people. I'm grateful that I was given that privilege to live in the moment of those events and reflection just made it sweeter. I am most thankful for the moments and the continual growth I have experienced in my walk with God through life. I am thankful for life in my lungs and the continual flow of creativity that I have had but I need to be quicker in noting them down, as I forgot a few by the time I tried noting it on paper - HELLO! Notes App I will remember you exist in 2017.

Much Love, 

The Chica You Best Believe That!


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Thursday, December 1, 2016

LIVE Stream - Check-In #3

Join me December 29, 2016 @ 18:00 GMT. We will talk, we will vibe, we will review, share updates & send well wishes wishes forth for 2017 ! Just press play below to join the stream.

It's the year in perspective, it's good conversation and updates on my process with my book thus far!

This is the third instalment of my Check-In's for 2016. I have a lot to be grateful for and I'm sure you will be encouraged once you hear me out. Hopefully my fellow writers and poets can see me taking this journey for the team, with posts to look forward to in 2017. 

I did my first review last year and decided to continue, check it out here.

You can join the hangout at the platforms below 

Remember to use the hashtag #pebbleswroteit on any of those platforms so that I know your comments and questions are directed at me. Thank you !

If you have any questions about the stream, leave a comment down below or on any of the following.


Snapchat: pebbleswroteit

I want to publish a book, it will be a collective  of my work from the start of my journey at 8 years old til Summer 2015. Hold me to it ! 

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pebble$ [Blogger] Love Apparatus

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The original concept for this interview should be credited to Jesse Boykins III . The interviews he had with various ladies   intrigued me, so I decided to try putting myself in the position to ask myself the questions he asked, I hope you enjoy reading my responses.   If you feel like laughing you can watch the responses on my YouTube Channel.

Feel free to leave comments below, about points where you think you might have answered differently.

1: What Do You Love About Being A Woman?

I love the natural disruption you cause when you walk into a place, even if it’s for the slightest moment or a sustained stare. It positions you on top of a hierarchy almost instantly in the way that a man might not have, if 
he were to enter that environment instead of you. 

There is an element of being strong yet vulnerable at the same time in being a woman, I would not yet classify myself as a woman but rather as a lady in the sense that a lady still finds herself through understanding and coming to terms with the limits of her strength and the extent of her vulnerability. You grow closer to being secure about your insecurity through vulnerability in a way that makes a man understand you are no toy and equally as human if not more. 

The woman is distinguished from a girl by a simple line of RESPECT. Respect enough to know when and when not to in anything, enough to not play with emotions. A woman has a respect for self enough to step away from situations & decisions with unnecessary escalations. 

2: Long-Term Lust or Short-Term Love? Why?

Short-Term Love. Lust is momentary it works in intervals, it is what it is because you want it time and time again, it only comes in one capsule per pack if you want to gain satisfaction you’ll have to become an addict, a slave to it. Love on the other hand when genuine sustains you till the end of time, no refills needed and it doesn’t enslave it carries you along. Love gives as it is received whilst Lust works on a one way system it only takes from you consuming energy that could have easily been spent on working with Love.

Lust has never gotten man anywhere but in the position of wanting, while Love has made man ready to give as well as receive. Why would I want to be placed behind a smoke screen my whole life lusting after a man if the only thing I’ll be thinking about is the things I could do to him, Lust won’t get my bills paid, food on my table or guarantee my future. 

3: Do You Remember The First Time You Felt The Emotion Lust?

Yeah, when I was in high school. When I think about it now I think it was disguised as a crush/obsession I had for Omarion when 
he was part of B2K and when he starred in ‘You Got Served’.

4: Beauty or Danger? Explain.

Beauty. Beauty can be found in everything if only you open your mind, heart, ears and perspective on life and your world. Beauty never lies at the surface because if it did most of the scars of life would have bruised and erased that beauty away. Beauty has the ability to handle danger it turns the ugly of fear within danger, and stands firm when danger asks it to run. The beauty of danger is one which is around for a limited period of time till those who once feared it overcome the fear of facing it.  

5: Chaos or Structure? Why?

Structure. Chaos is not my friend, me and chaos don’t understand each other and don’t want to understand each other. I’d like to refer to the moments of chaos within my structure as “flexibility”. Flexibility is the time used to relax and break the norm, break the cycle of usual activity. It is the time used to bring me back to balance. Structure gives control in a way that chaos cannot, although 
in the moment of chaos it is the one in control while structure is helpless BUT structure brings us out of chaos no matter how gradual or slow that process is.  Structure has given me the confidence to plan, to dream, to achieve, to write and to say some of 
my best compositions as a lady, writer, poet, sister, friend and daughter.

6: Balance or Climax? Why?

I can’t choose. Only because you know you like the climax of a good day or great week, you like the feeling of achievements of things gone right. But you can’t deny the good of balance which prepares you for weighing the sides of your highs and lows; it 
allows you to be your true self. With that said I feel climax comes within the beauty of balance which permits you to enjoy the high 
of that moment in time, but teaches you to not stay in that moment because you can still do better, it grounds and earths where climax may disillusion. 

7: Do You Have A Paper Perfect? (*things you look for in a man)

Is there any lady that doesn’t? Well he better be rich, drive a Bentley Continental GT, own a big house and spend every second 
of his time with me. I’m done!! Did you think I was serious LOL!! Your homegirl Pebble$ ain’t like that, the real on what I need in my paper perfect is ..

I need a man that knows how to laugh and joke with me, he needs to feel fulfilled in what he does I don’t care what it is; he should do what he loves and love what he does (if he’s not happy with his situation, there’s a likelihood I might feel it too when he comes home in his behavior and attitudes & ain’t nobody got time for that). He should love me as he loves himself, motivated, purpose-driven, far-sighted (someone who looks to the future in things to achieve, taking himself from now to then, I couldn’t think of the word I was looking for). He has to have goals, dreams, visions, aspirations, know his destination (there is no way I’m following a 
man whose train has no destination).

I need a man who will not be intimidated by my accomplishments as a woman, a man who will support my dreams as I act as his backbone through accomplishing his. A man who will pray with me, respect me, care for me, love me for me, appreciate my 
fabulous and my #laybackchillathomeinaonepiece, as I do all the same for him.  You get all of that?!

8: When You Hear “Love Apparatus” What First Comes To Mind?

Instruments or some kind of tool in making love happen. I think of the use of the deeper things of human nature to bring forth 
the beauty of love, the things that must be leveled if two people want love to work. The tools needed in love – patience, understanding, common ground, mutual agreement, identifying and grasping perfect imperfections, finding another whole to 
make a greater masterpiece. It is the tool used in the expression of one’s self to the world, to those they love and to those yet 
to find love.

It’s like wood and sandpaper, the wood has already been cut to shape but the sandpaper needs to be used to perfect & smooth those sharper edges or carvings to bring the wood to the standard it should be at. The wood is the love (or the people) and the sandpaper is the apparatus (the things or people that bring the missing element) needed to bring that love through and allow it 
to grow.

9: Do You Like Smiling? Why?

Pass me a nice book or notepad and a pen, let me be in my zone and I'll give you the best smile I have. I feel like you have to free yourself from your thoughts to genuinely smile, even if it's just for a moment. To like smiling does that mean you liked frowning previously, I'm just saying but hey seriously though, laughter is more evident in my life than smiling. 

Every time I smile I'm accused of my smile flirting so I laugh instead. I like laughing, it is free meds for the stresses you store up inside both knowingly and unknowingly. Laughter is my therapy, I can't cry and break into a smile instead I cry and laugh it out or laugh at myself.


Hope You Enjoyed Reading My Reponses. Leave A Comment Below & Start A Conversation.

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