Tuesday, May 14, 2019

#RocciaEFilosofia| Episode 4.

Everybody needs a break whether from hard work, a long day or from life's challenges. You need a place to go apart before you fall apart. You need a place where you go when you're a little lost in life and don't know what to do when you don't know if you
should keep holding on there should be a safe space. 

Extra Notes To Take Away:

1. You have three main gates - ears, eyes & mouth. What passes the filters going in or going out, what value do you place on these. If taken seriously your soul will be well taken care of. A soul that is taken care of leads to a mind and body that
are also well taken care of, they all come into alignment with your soul's state.

2. This life is hard enough as it is so why not give hope a chance. The hope of Christ and lifted burdens makes room for a new identity that comes with free therapy for life.

3. Some things are intended to wipe you out. Leave you looking as wrecked as you have been, but the light of Christ is the grace that displaces any darkness. You've Got More
To Gain Than Lose.

4. God in his infinite nature is a creator of perfection, but when it comes to opening his heart to his children he doesn't do perfect. All the things that you think might disqualify you from trying him, those things check the list of what he looks for
in his ideal child.

5. Will you give him a chance, will you? I have plenty of testimonies of my own. Start from episode one and let me know if anything is missing.

Last question.
6. Where is your soul going when you die & where are you going?

" People who want the best out of something will learn that thing until they know how to use it."

A device without a manual is useless, look for the manual just in case you get into some problems it will
be useful. You will need help on this journey. It will be beneficial to seek both the doctor and the doctor's advice.
There is one manual I would like you to try with this device called Life - the Bible.

Feel free to leave a comment if you would like an episode or episodes on navigating the bible.
I would be more than happy to do that for you.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Can You Proofread Girlfriend ?!

It was a challenge writing this one even though I knew what I wanted to say. I had some knowledge and experience to work with but I needed it to be useful for somebody else. The tool I'm using for this post made itself unforgettable but not in that Nat King Cole way. I was constantly reminded that this post needed writing - how though? Every ad on YouTube at one point was only Grammarly ads and still is. So I have given in to the reminders, here it is finally. If you have any other suggestions once you finish reading, please feel free to leave a comment.

1 | - Do the very things that scare you as a writer i.e. trying different writing styles, formats, language use.

2 | - Be that friend that can be relied on for opinions on work and projects. 2.1 - I have proofread everything from legal letters to business proposals and even personal statements for job applications. Being honest with my opinions I have found that those friends or people who had asked for help tended to agree with the changes I suggested. 2.2 - Don't limit your scope. 2.3 - There's a word I'm looking for and can't find at this moment. [Description: when someone dictates and another writes, almost like a personal assistant or secretary does for a boss]. The point is not to limit your scope but rather use this as an opportunity to see how you will improve what is written once the listening is done. Bringing that text to its final form, the process of it. 2.4 - Sometimes you will be writing, proofreading & offering your opinion but don't overwhelm yourself. Start with one then develop the rest.

3 | - I developed this skill further in College [university]. 3.1 - Being smart and approachable in college works to your benefit. Not only will people trust your perspective and knowledge but they know you'll gain nothing copying their work. 3.2 - Build trust with folks. It will soon become a free exercise that keeps your knowledge tested and improves your understanding. 3.3 - People who don't have the same majors or even the same degree as you will ask for your help. Guess what that is also to your benefit. You might even learn a few things while reading. 3.4 - Some of my best proofreading exercises have come when I knew nothing about the subject. In these instances I just scanned documents for grammar, sentence structure, shortening long sentences, checking spelling and the overall look of a document. I guess you can say that after a while yes, girlfriend can proofread and improve your esthetic at the same time.

4 | - Learn to read others' work. It brings out the perfectionist in you. 4.1 - Actually READ their work for what it was before your mind went into proofreader mode. 4.2 - You will be tempted to switch the text to your thinking but you have to remember to keep the integrity of their work while polishing it to a standard. 4.3 - Keep their thoughts visible but don't be afraid to use that strikethrough. 4.4 - Try to make sense of their work before you leave the red questions (refer to 9.2). You need something to form the basis of your questions, so they know how to bring their ideas to a coherent place. 4.5 - Once again, just in case you didn't see it 'don't be afraid to use that strikethrough'.

5 | - Being the best writer you can be, requires that you go out of your comfort to continually learn, expand your mind and stretch your creativity. 5.1 - Critique what you write. You can only honestly do this when you step away and forget that it's your work. Kind of hard, I know but you have to try. 5.2 - Practice makes perfect. Attentive readers make great proofreaders. 5.3 - Pay attention. When you're reading books, what do you notice? When you read for classes or work what do you notice in those documents? Learn from them and make use of what you find the next time you have the job of proofreader - where relevant of course.

6 | - Do not be afraid to use the Internet as a resource, there are plenty of poorly written captions, comments and blog posts for you to practice with. 6.1 - Do not get the identity of 'grammar police' attached to your online presence. Rather copy those sections of text and place them in a Word document or whatever program you use. Next turn that text red and, below it type in black with the corrections. Analyze what makes it so bad, what can be improved and more. 6.2 - You can write several edits. Edits with a few word changes. Edits with a different structure. Edits that rewrite the text. An edit that refines but keeps the integrity of the original text. There are so many ways to challenge yourself.

7 | - The dictionary is your best friend. 7.1 - Is the word simple? Do you know what it means? Yes, but I just need to check if it's used in the right context. 7.2 - "Yes, but I just need to check if it's used in the right context." I totally feel you and so do many of my poet friends on Instagram. You are not alone. 7.3 - Don't forget that a thesaurus is welcome too, we need help with synonyms and bringing those documents to a coherent place.

8 | - Nobody benefits from you trying to be nice. 8.1 - So dice, chop and take apart those pages, those paragraphs or documents. 8.2 - Be truthful and a little ruthless. If the sentence has got to go, it has got to go.

8.3 - Grammarly doesn't play when it thinks you have changes to make, so why should you.

9 | - Are you open to multiple formats? 9.1 - A printed document or electronic document. 9.2 - For the printed document (go into teacher mode with a black and red pen) black is for the minor edits and red is for highlighting bigger changes to be made or questions you have for the owner of the document. 9.3 - Questions are for clarity, getting context. Asking if your understanding of the paragraph was, what they intended for it to be. 9.4 - Electronic documents do have their difficulties but in my opinion are easier. Just highlight text, add comments and create color codes for things you've highlighted in the text.

10 | - What's that weird habit? Own it. 10.1 - I confess that I can't read documents in anything besides justified. It feels uncomfortable. If I don't have a choice I try my best, but you better believe I feel like I'm being punished inside. 10.2 - Sometimes formatting a document before I decide to even start reading it. (I actually did this before I read this blog post through from beginning to end, so it's a habit)

This post was checked through Grammarly. I used this tool just to play with the idea of proofreading tools. Although the tool
in the case of this post is a human being who you trust.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Visuals Process - Pebble$

This one is for the content creators, the writers, poets, filmmakers, photographers. Any creative mind that merges message with achieved visual, I got you on this one. Consistency is a major key in any growth that we wish to see, it is key component in recipe for some level of success. BUT why is this very consistency the one thing we lose sleep over through blank screens, blank projects, blank scripts.. especially when we're trying. I'm here to let you know that I understand you. I appreciate you in your gaps in consistency, I'm rooting for you when there are no visuals to connect and carry your story through. Oh how about the days when the visuals are in place, the setup is working with you - it's perfect, but the message hasn't quite formed, I understand you on those days too.

Take it easy on yourself, work on consuming while you can't produce. Create peace when the noise disrupts your flow. Have a space to note it all down, do not edit thoughts, do not stop the flow, if it makes sense create space for it, if it doesn't make sense create space for it, if the complete picture is there create space for it, if the idea is a mess create space for it, when the dots don't connect it still matters they will connect later. Create a space and place for it all, color code if you want, organize into folders, documents, whatever works for you. Don't do anything to stop yourself or get in your own way. We need you, your readers need you, the audience needs you - so show up, no pressure.

-  When the dots don't connect it still matters they will connect later  - 

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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

" Touching The Hem Of His Garment"

The hem is a type and shadow of the Word & gathered anointing. It is a point at which Word meets a reality, that is found in your belief, your hunger, your willingness to reach forth and grab the Word for what it is and what it can be. The hem is the presence of truths knitted together, look at each stitch ready to learn, to grasp lessons that come full circle. After your searching, your pain, your experiences it is at the hem that you will find what it is you've been looking for from the beginning of your time.

The hem is a reminder. When the lowest points are reached, when you become identified by your problem instead of your name first it's time to reach for the hem. It becomes a moment when the set time is here, it is a time to rise up in your weakness, reaching forward to the truth of what it means to be His child. Draw on the strength that you have, stretch out your pain, reach for help, let the anointing be a fresh shower that renews you. The hem is a reminder for you and the problem, the problem can't be your identity any longer and you will be reminded of what your name is.

Let the hem be your beginning when life intended to put an end to your faith. Let the white towel be burned, dust your shoes with it get that shine back. Let your bleeding and hurting come to an end, you will never walk that street alone ever again. You will never see life with the same set of eyes after this. Perceive new things, new places, a new peace because it can all be yours. All yours without any condition besides letting go. Besides just trying, disobeying yourself in giving up and hoping for one more chance to try your best. Hoping for one more chance to really connect with Creator, to really hear Him.

Your problems will not finish you off, you will come to an end in this beating. You will step forward out of its hold & get back what you were before it came. You will put pen to paper, and for the first time the ink will run it will follow your every movement. For the first time you will wait for the pain to return but it won't come, you will look around corners to see where the problems are hiding but they won't be there.

The hem is the gathered anointing that makes you whole. It gives you beauty for ashes, dignity for disgrace and laughter for sorrow. Meet your reality with the Word, depend on the word and don't over-analyze. Don't compromise where you ought to leap, leaping will bring you understanding that you CAN lean on. The hem is a step towards a change in status, a lifting up of your head. The hem of His garment, is a place where you are known. In the midst of the crowd it's your touch that he recognizes and feels the deepest.

At the hem you are all that matters, and all that matters to you counts for something too. You are known, you are sought after & your needs are met. You get to the hem by whatever means necessary and your reason for being there can only be justified by you - no one has permission to dismiss it.

When they ask what type of faith is required to reach for the hem, hold the hem & identify with the hem. It is the absolute, opaque, hard-hitting, won't-leave-until-you-bless-me, you-won't-be-pushing-me-aside-today kind of faith, that is required. It is the faith that is willing to replace fear, the faith that home schools and dismisses doubts time and time again. It is the faith as small as a mustard seed, unmoved and constantly expectant. It is the faith that is all the way there, no matter how small.

Reach for the hem, touch the hem of His garment as many times as you need to. Don't let anyone discourage you. That place right there is personal, it is your own.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Now Playing : Tank And The Bangas

Been scared to fly, running from falling in love.
There are many things I didn't want to face and rides I would rather take than navigating conversations.
I sometimes forget that I need music like this to do something for me.
I forget that I must open myself to feed the artist, through appreciation for another.
Encouraged to do more, explore differently and validate every story that needs you to tell it.

Leave today's blog post with some relief, this one creates an experience so enjoy here.

Feel free to leave a comment, and let me know how you feel about the recommendation.

Courtesy of © 2017  Tank And The Bangas

Friday, March 8, 2019

Comfort, The Zone I'm In

Today we talk about comfort zones. Breaking out of them and comparing them to situations in life that we may
not always think about. The travel is cheap but the expense of wasted territory ain't. If I can have 10 minutes
of your time, maybe just a little less than that you hear me out and I await your response.

This time, this one came close to home. So I am honest in searching for the exit on the comfort I've enjoyed and
where we need to be headed to next. You don't have to qualify for that place of uncomfortable, all you need
is just a hunger for understanding and putting in the work.

Let's talk.

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

What Is My Worth Without My Career?

This quarter's guest blog post comes from Grace F Victory, who speaks on  RECYCLE, RESTORE, COMPLETE  which looks at identifying how career can meet us at wherever we are, being whoever we are but be ready to appreciate your achievements, identify your own neglect and learn how to focus on you again.

Right now I'm chilling on the sofa, weekly vlogs on in the background, hand attached to a packet of mini eggs and I'm watching the snowy world go by outside.

Monday's however don't usually go like this. Monday's are usually my hardest working day of the week. I'm up, dressed and ready before 9am and by now, I would've already filmed a few videos, edited one, wrote a few posts and tackled my inbox. I like to start the week as I mean to go. Strong, productive and full of energy. Unlike most, I generally enjoy Monday's and try to make the most of the time.

But this Monday is different. At the end of last week and over the weekend I had a severe allergic reaction to hair dye. My face has blown up like elephant man, and my eyes and nose are so swollen, I don't even recognise myself. I feel fine, just a little drowsy from my medication, but goodness gracious me, I don't look my best right now. I resemble a chipmunk and if I don't laugh, I might just cry haha.

Due to the absolute state that is my face, all my work, shoots and plans for the next 5-7 days have been cancelled. So I have found myself with  a lot of time on my hands - something I'm not really used to.

So starting my week outside of my usual routine has got me thinking about something that's been at the back of my mind for a while...

Courtesy of  © 2018  Grace F Victory