Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Stirring Trials Like Bingo.

Why do great people always go through so much, why have they had it hard when they narrate or share their stories?

There is no testimony without a test, if you have not been faced with overcoming trials and mountains how can you call yourself an overcomer. If you haven't gone through a fight how can you claim fighter status. If there was no battle for you to win how can you claim winner in the field of life.

Once you've asked God to use you or stated your dreams to him and how you want to achieve them according to your given purpose. He hears your request and grants access to a journey used to refine you and prepare you for that place in the seasons of your journey with Him through life. It's as if He starts stirring up the storm, I liken it to Bingo. He keeps turning that handle until a bingo ball is chosen, you use your bingo marker to highlight all the numbers that come which are on your board. All five numbers that he chooses are on your bingo board so it's time for the test and the trials.

This is the point where you decide to fight or flee, sit in doubt or lift your behind and do what is necessary to claim your prize. Overcome the inner battle and push forth with your decisions, no turning back.

If you don't want to identify and stir up the gifts within yourself. If you don't want to achieve in life there are no problems for you to face, don't worry ain't nobody checkin for you BUT 🎶 if you wanna be somebody and you want to go somewhere you got to wake up and pay attention 🎶. Let God stir up those trials like bingo so you can overcome and win the prize, allow yourself to cast doubts and do what is necessary to fight your fights and win your battles. Overcome the test to get to your testimony, cut off anything that doesn't allow you to equip yourself and move forth in learning your newest tool. You will be fine, your guardian is never caught unaware.

In these seasons, in these trials hold off on man's strength and hold onto God's strength. Focus not on the problem, but He that is able to solve the problem. Be reminded that those who stay at home, have a zero chance of winning the bingo game. Those who are observers during bingo night with no board have a zero chance of winning, those who had boards, joined in and listened out for the numbers have a chance. Which one are you? 

You have to participate to get help, you have to be willing to find the will needed to face the trials and navigate its assault course like a bingo game. Waiting, expectant, ready, actively doing something. Dear readers, friends, overcomers I leave you on this note. You will stir trials like bingo and the prize is yours to win, participate in actively doing something.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Allegory of the Cave (Plato) and How It Compares to the African American Community

This quarter's guest blog post comes from A Scholar Review, who starts THE REALEST CONVERSATION. I felt the depth of this post, it creates room for a conversation to open up and progress, it provides the opportunity to share opinions and examine the way in which we consume information and what we do with that.

Sometimes we are poisonous to our own people.

There once was a young boy named Eric who dreamed of one day making it big. He dreamed of mansions and cars and freshly cooked Sunday night dinners. His parents worked hard to keep their family together and he was often left to raise himself in the downtrodden streets of the inner city. Eric spent the first year of high school skipping class and getting high in the bathrooms. He was good with numbers, they flew through his head like music notes and he used them to buy an entourage. His friends were soon like brothers in arms, fighting against the man and whoever else dared to keep them down. While they loved him, his parents cracked but never wavered due to a shred of hope that their hard work would soon pay off in that he would live past eighteen.

After a night of danger and sticky red hands left one friend dead and another in jail, Eric makes the decision to get his life together. His skipping school days are behind him. Books and highlighters become his new best friends and good times shooting ball on the courts fade away. His parents, still fighting their own beasts of debt, forget the pat on the back. He struggles and fails but is determined to achieve his goals. 

Years later he graduates from high school with a higher than stellar gpa and scholarships for college. He excels through college, graduating in the top of his class. His parents are older now...

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Train Wreck Without Him

We are train wrecks without Him in our lives. My encouragement to you today is to find and to hold on, to believe in what works for you. What works for you through your low times and high times, what works for you at the moment when you just want to be your most vulnerable. When you just want to let it all out in your emotions, what works for you day to day. What works for you when you wake up first thing in the morning, what works for you in those last moments of your day at night when you're about to say hey to your bed.

For me Jesus works for me, He's my homie, he is my friend.. my closest friend he sticks closer than any brother. He is the executive of the company called ME, he is my confidant, he is my no.1 adviser. Though sometimes I know and many of us are guilty, we stray away from the thing that works for us and instead look to man for advise. In turn we get a discouraging piece of information, a discouraging conversation, a discouraging experience of relating with another and we then pose these questions to the thing that works for us. We realize then, that we are the child who burns their finger after mom and pops have told you "Don't Go Near The Fire". 

You are a train wreck without what works for you because what happens is, what works for you keeps you on this constant path of the right direction at the right pace with the right types of troubles and delays along the way to keep you intact. The moment you try to run your own course you get off the train tracks, you derail and you put others lives in danger as well as your own. More severely though, you put your own destiny at danger because there are people attached to you, there are things attached to you, there are accomplishments attached to you which you are supposed to achieve, to attain. Things you are supposed to conquer in your journey through this life and when you don't pay attention and you decide to run your own course you shorten that journey for yourself through disobedience and kill the sensitive parts of yourself that would help in discerning the wrong steps.

Take a moment to forget about the thing that works for you, that thing is okay. It's you that needs to pay attention and understand how important it is. For me it's understanding that disobedience to God causes so much wrath, it causes so many problems that could have been avoided if I had just been patient enough. You know what, many times the things we say "Oh I can't wait for this" "It's taking too long". Just watch by the time you derail and IF they are are able to pick up any survivors within your being, you are then placed in the hands of time which heals at its own pace - from the train wreck to recovery. By the time you come out of the recovery, guess what. You would have spent that time if not more than He had promised you, longer than the timing needed for what works for the promise before you get to the finish line. Learn to be patient.


Disobedience, I believe disobedience is the cause of a lot of things let's be honest. You know certain foods are not good for you but yet you disobey those 'health laws' let's say and you decide "man I will eat what I want". That disobedience now causes you heart attacks, it causes you high cholesterol and then you are dealing with the consequences. Another case is the disobedience of time, you know full and well that you are supposed to leave your house by a certain time, leave a venue by a certain time in order to arrive at your next destination in good time. Yet you disobey the law of discipline, disciplining yourself enough to say, I need to get out of this spot by this time in order to get to the next destination by this time. You also have a disobedience to the LAW, light signals when it shows amber then turns red and you're thinking "I'll try racing through this one" not knowing another car could come up at that intersection that has every right by law to drive past. You decide to put your disobedient behind, behind that wheel and drive when really you should be stopping, a car crash results and you turn a child into an orphan because of your disobedience. 

Think about, if anything you have ever done in life was in disobedience - it could be as simple as "Wait.", a simple instruction of "just listen" "I've got you, don't do anything".

We need to learn how to listen. Obedience is something that I think we as a world need to understand, obedience could save us from a lot of problems. Don't be the train wreck, don't be the train that gets derailed because of somebody else's foolishness or your own. With that I wish you a great week ahead, maximize your life don't cut it short because of disrespect for the company called YOU and what works for YOU. 

 I have decided to put a hold on the publishing of my book. I want to save it for a time when I feel it is better to release, please bear with me. I will be sure to update you so follow me herehere & here.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Update : The Dirty Ore

Growth in conversation comes in the steps taken to feed yourself differently, not better. Better feeding doesn't always make us feel better. Giving up what you 'needed' only to find that it wasn't needed, but it was what you got so used to consuming, to having, to keeping so it turned into habit. These habits brought you hindrance where good habit would have profited you much, but it's no complete fault of your own except now that you know what you should be feeding yourself. It's time to switch up that diet. For the next steps that should be taken, understand that it is a constant journey to grasp the lesson and pick up the gems that give access to the next level. All the lessons needed in life are not learnt in one day, you have got to keep on moving and remember your worth while you're at it. 

Remember that you have everything that is needed to bring you to your best self, the journey is for connecting, for listening, for learning and all these things will complete the picture at each stage of your life. This picture is complete when you bring what you have within and use what the world has available for you to access. 

Pictures are not created for only the eyes of one individual, they are created so that many more can see and appreciate them too. You are the reality of something that your world does not realize that it needs to see and often it will not appreciate you at first glance. Many of the first glances taken at us, only reveal a dirty ore and if it is concluded that this is our final form, then many miss out on what is found at the depths of our purpose. It is fine for people to only see the dirty ore, but they shouldn't expect you to remain that way. In essence, what has always been inside of you will manifest itself and must manifest itself so a balance can be maintained within. There will be times when you attempt to suppress and hide this, you will do so because of the feeling of being inadequate by somehow being too much to take in. To this dear friend and reader, I say good luck! 

Why you got to good luck a friend like that?  Well, the manifestation of things packaged ready for delivery through your gifts and purpose do not even have an ounce of dull property within them. Step out from the shadows, if you are afraid, if you are scared of people's reactions, if you fear that you will lose some friends, family, support. Whatever your fears are I advice that you find a solution that serves both parties well, let me explain. These fears are based on you pressing a switch, to a light, that others are not ready to see. So my advice is.. go to a fairly priced store buy some shades, hand them out to everybody you're concerned about and switch that light ON! 

Enough is about to be enough. You have spent enough time hiding your gifts, enough times sticking to what you 'needed', enough times eating 'better', enough times in toxic conversation that broke you down instead of building you, enough times erasing your pictures. Stop compromising you. Manifest your version of passion, strength, patience, zeal and change. Get your rule-books ready, the one that notes all it took to become you, the one that reminds you that you were always meant to be here. That rule-book is going to help somebody else through life, are you ready to share and feed yourself differently?

    Enjoy the rest of May and have some expectations for June ! 

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Definitively Me

I'm remembering four years of living
Holding tight to these balloons
Then I'm thinking of twenty one 
Dodging the ties that would prevent a future
I'm remembering 
How I have reminded folks 
I am not just a womb 
I don't have to be one part of together 
A liberated mind had me walking like Pepsi
One red chuck, one blue chuck
I remember my lessons 
I forget my pains
You can't move with these

This one might be a story
This one might be boring 
This one might have been heard before
This one is yours
For the times when tears become your swimming pool
Reach the pool side 
Get to the end of the river
Remember to breathe
Your value will be tested
Your mind will become a VCR
Yeah the story gets that old 
Repeated, rewound, played, stopped, 
Fast forward
Go to the parts that motivate you most
Accomplish something there 
But come right back to the ugly and complete your task
Give it your best
The beautiful easy parts
And the draining extended parts 
They drain you of everything you have 
Look for the finish lines along the way
Congratulate yourself, celebrate
Take yourself to the movies 
Get lost in a bookstore
Walk around the mall without reason
Try on all the shoes you like in your size 
And walk right out 
Go to the library 
Take a pile of books
Read a few pages from each 
Use the time in putting each one back in its place to breathe
Think on nothing and think on everything
How did you feel
How do you feel
This is how a quarter of a century feels
Fruit flows out of my words 
To give you the food you need
My leaves are the parts thought to be least useful 
But all leaves within my garden 
Bring healing 
They are the parts of my story 
You can have as your own 
My fruit however we've got to share that 
Get a notepad 
Purchase some ears 
Open heart surgery 
So your heart can take this in 
Allow yourself to go deeper to find you 
Get lost in that space
Ask questions in that space 
That is where you are supposed to grow from

If I have just 4 minutes to tell you to keep on going
I'd start with forgive yourself
Listen to yourself
What do you want to eat
Feed your soul
Feed your mind
Feed your eyes
Feed your body 
Who lives on the inside of you 
Are you its reflection 
Or does the reflection 
Act as a constant reminder 
That you're getting to better 
These next four minutes should lead to another 
Stepwise in thoughts 
We'll get you to your healing 
We'll open paths for growth 
You'll begin to see your best days 
Years will lay ahead of you unhindered
You will be sure of the road ahead
You will hold hands with an immutable love 
Jump off the precipice of your doubts 
And land in the pillows of your 
Daring to dream 
Your boldness will threaten 
The inferior parts of you 
Confidence will blossom
You will hold your own 
You can hold your own 

Of course you are living 
Of course you are a woman
Of course you have a mind
It's a level playing field for battles 
But you know you'll win every single one
I look forward to your life's paper
When it's all done
Submission is due as you close your eyes to sleep
Be at peace in life so
It becomes routine in passing

 I have decided to put a hold on the publishing of my book. I want to save it for a time when I feel it is better to release, please bear with me. I will be sure to update you so follow me herehere & here.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

25 Things I've Learned || Quarter-Life Crisis

This quarter's guest blog post comes from Looks By MC, who speaks on NEW BEGINNINGS. As she celebrated a new year at 25, MC decided to reflect on what she had learnt up to this milestone. Let her teach you some new things. 

I thought it's only appropriate to share with you 25 things I've learned since I'm officially 25 today!! 

The past few years have been a whirlwind, especially this past year. But I'm excited for what's to come. When I was young, I used to wonder what I would be like and look like at the age of 25. And here I am, nothing like the person I thought I would be, but someone I'm glad I've become.

I also wanted to share..

Courtesy of © 2016 Looks by MC

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My Call

(Image credit: Keith Mallett)

My call to pray 
Pray that I am freed of ancestral strongholds, spirits, 
Doesn't start at pulling out the weeds great-granddaddy planted
Or the attitudes of my greatest grandmother
It is a call beyond the Brazilian who holds links with the Bajan, 
African and Italian within the helices of my dearly natured acid
It is beyond the control of the nucleus of my being 
Beyond cells signaling to keep me here 
Begging for mercy
This is the prayer that I
Undo the afflictions of the Egyptian at my feet
Pull down every sphinx
Abandon the power I have placed in crystals and salts 
Place no value on gold 
It is used to resurface the streets where I'm from
It is the Ethiopian within pleading to be fruitful
To be undefeatable again
To have His favor again
It is moments crying knowing
We will never rise that high again
Ignorance won't let ALL of us get there
Even if the educated, informed and equipped of us 
Try raising the rest of us
It is Noah reminding me how to reverence my creator 
At all times
Reminding me to make the effort
Ask questions as you go
Believe that the answers will come in time
It is Nimrod forgetting how he got here
It is my footprints in Babylon
These are the ruins you placed above my friend?
I hope I am not opening 
What you have closed and thrown away the key to
Am I looking for the solution
Where you have said
We must come before you in unity, to find it
Am I grasping understanding 
Am I answering the right call.

This poem was inspired by my current read, What Is Wrong With Being Black?

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